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North. Korea threatened US with Nuclear War, what should we do?

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drop a nuke on them
drop a lot of nukes on them

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Okie Blogger Round Up 2006 (see you there)

Okie Blogger Round Up 2006

Wild Bill Blogging And Broadcasting Live Today

I just woke up and I'm getting ready to head to the Okie Blogger Round Up at the Bricktown Central Plaza Hotel on the corner of MLK and Reno near down town Oklahoma City.

Map of 2001 E Reno Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73117-4601, US

Here is a schedule of events:

11:30 AM – Registration & Sign-in - Attendance to the Okie Blogger Round-up is limited. Reservations can be made here using PayPal or by check. Prices are $20 per person in advance or $25 the day of the Round-up. More information on the registration page.

Sandwiches to be offered for sale.

12:30 PM – Welcome and orientation

Workshops -

1 PM – Introduction to blogging is aimed at beginning bloggers covering software, hosting, terminology and basic HTML. This workshop will have a limited number of seats open to the public.

3 PM – Advanced blogging will cover writing and photo editing tools, podcasting, layout and design, plugins, syndication, troubleshooting, legalities, and more.

4:30 PM – Break for Dinner – A chance to sample the variety of eateries in booming Bricktown. Local dining guide and discount coupons available.

7:30 PM2006 Okie Blog Awards recognizing blogs voted the best in each of 12 categories by fellow Oklahoma bloggers.

8 PM – Party (casual dress) in the ballroom.
Performance by folk singer, songwriter and Shawnee blogger Tim Sean Youmans.

Dance music by Thunderbird DJ.

Drawings for door prizes.

10 PM - Wild Bill from Wide Awakes Radio Live broadcast of The Passionate America Show.

11 PMMozartballs screening.

Well I have a computer to load into the car and a 3 year old to get dressed. I hope to see you there.When I get my computer setup I should be live blogging the Okie Blogger Round Up. Stay tuned throughout the day for updates.

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