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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Teresa: John's Not Qualified to be President

Democrats do not have to listen to me when I say, “John Kerry Is Not Qualified To Be President!" Democrats do not have to look any further than John Fn Kerry's own Ketchup Queen Teresa Heinz Kerry to hear how unqualified their candidate is. Teresa claims that NOBODY is qualified to be President. Nobody includes the biggest nobody of all, John 'All 250 of the Swift Boat Veterans Are Liars' Kerry! Did Teresa forget to take her meds or did she lose her mind while she was giving birth to children from Mars? Well I must be a bored person to write stories like this! Ha Ha right back at yah Teresa.

Dear Teresa, I am opinionated too! Are you the only person (because you are a woman) that has the right to express their opinion?

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