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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Asian Cutie and Blog Goddess: Michelle Malkin Defends Bloggers on Fox News!

Asian Cutie and Blog Goddess: Michelle Malkin defends Bloggers on Fox News!
Michelle Malkin was on Fox News The Big Show with John Gibson today. She was there to represent the Blogsphere. Michelle spoke up and defended bloggers as a 24 hour, seven days a week, source for information. When she was challenged with the idea that blogs spread lies and rumors, she responded by saying that if you want to be successful in the Blogsphere, you must have credibility. Blogs are fact checked non-stop by the people that read them. If you post something that is false, you will lose credibility and visitors to your blog. Yes, some false stories are spread in the Blogsphere, but when this happens, the blog that spread the false story is ran out of town--sort of like what is happening to Dan Blather at cBS.

The tide is turning; old media has no choice but to recognize internet blogs as an up and coming source for news and views. More and more people each day are turning away from the major networks and those people are turning to the internet and Fox News to provide them with up to the minute news and opinion. The people need an alternative to the herd mentality news media and weblogs are filling that need. It's a beautiful day in the bloggerhood!

Where do you get your news? What websites do you enjoy reading? Is the Internet the next Big Media?

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