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Monday, September 27, 2004

Brother of woman fired for Kerry sticker on car comments on Passionate America

Update brother of woman fired for Kerry sticker comments on Passionate America.

I received a comment today from a J. Cantrell. Mr. Cantrell claims to be the brother of Lynne Gobbell, this woman pictured above that was allegedly fired for a Kerry/Edwards sticker that was on her car. This comment was in reference to a post I had on Passionate America; Lynne Gobbell says she was fired for Kerry Edwards Sticker on her car. Here is what J. Cantrell had to say:

At 12:06 PM, J. Cantrell said...
For all of the uninformed people posting comments that are untrue. My sister Lynne Gobbell was fired by Mr. Geddes personally and i am not biased because i am republican, and another footnoe to my sisters job performance she was consistently the employee that set and broke prouction records consistently. So please know your facts before expressing them.

Well there you have it Mr. Cantrell is not biased because he is Republican. Republicans would never defend their siblings in a biased way. That is all the proof I need. Mr. Cantrell is a Republican so what he says has to be right. (Notice the sarcasm?) Mr. Cantrell I hear your sister is now working for the Kerry campaign. Maybe after November 2 she will still have a job. Hell Kerry might even nominate her for Liberal Kool-aid drinker of the month.

Well I will do the honors for Kerry! Lynne Gobbell Kool-aid drinker of the month.

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