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Monday, September 27, 2004

Explosion closes NYC Penn Station, Hundreds Trapped on Trains

One, possibly 2 explosions close Penn Station, shutting down rail traffic in areas of NYC

Unconfirmed reports from a source within the Police Department of New York City indicate that there were two explosions in the vicinity of Penn Station this afternoon. The cause of the primary explosion is unknown; a secondary explosion may have been from a transformer. Witnesses onthe scene report a suspicious parcel near the transformer shortly before the explosion.

The explosion occured at one of the primary transformers, near a ventilation unit.
Authorities are on the scene with bomb-sniffing dogs. According to the source, traces of accelerants/explosives have been found at the scene.

One person is reported injured; several others are being evaluated at the scene of the explosion. Hundreds remain trapped on trains. Train service in and out of Penn Station has been suspended.

Webcams in Penn Station have been shut down by authorities.
I will Update this story as I get more information.

Update (9/27 5:28PM): I sent a news tip to Drudge Report about this story and 10 minutes later Drudge put up this head line, Fire Halts Service At Penn Station. Here is a link to a story from NY1 News, Penn Station Reopens, Some Train Service Resumes Following Fire. The story says, "the Fire caused five minor injuries, most likely for smoke inhalation. Most likely? Then it could also be likely it could have been a bomb?

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