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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Oklahoma Gazette claims 'Journalistic Standards' but does not retract unverifiable quote

Saturday I posted a letter to the editor that I emailed to the Oklahoma Gazette, The Next mini Rathergate? Duffegate? On Monday, Rob Collins the Editor of the Gazette called me. I posted about that phone conversation Oklahoma Gazette Editor Rob Collins contacts Wild Bill. Mr. Collins seemed more interested in getting my personal information than printing my letter or correcting the error in their publication.

Today I picked up the new issue of the Gazette and thumbed through it looking for a retraction. Nope, no luck. What I found funny was an article by Paul Bouchereau A lapse in judgment. This story talks about Rathergate and journalistic credibility. So I surfed over to to see if he had read the article. To my amazement, he did and he had a post about it, A Rather predictable prediction. I just had to comment on this post. Here is what I wrote:

Did you read the part of the article that said, "The only item a news department has to offer is information, accurate information...Even my little article here is read over by my Gazette boss and is checked for facts, among other things. Why? Because the last thing we want to do is to get it wrong."

The Gazette did not check their last issue very well. They got something wrong in the Clark Duffe 'Too much democracy?' commentary. I did not see a retraction of the unverifiable quote within that story. The Gazette must not care much about their reputation.

There was an ad in the employment section for a political reporter at the Gazette. You think that maybe they will give me a job? Probably not. I am too conservative for the Gazette.
I think I will email this post to Rob Collins at the Gazette and see if he has anything to add or maybe he might have a job for me.

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