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North. Korea threatened US with Nuclear War, what should we do?

ignore them
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drop a nuke on them
drop a lot of nukes on them

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11 is a lie! FahrenHYPE 9/11 tells the real story!

FaherenHYPE 9/11
I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 when it was in theaters. I did not want to give Michael Moore one penny, but I did not feel that I should write about a movie that I had not seen. So my son and I went to watch Fahrenheit 9/11 (at least we could enjoy some popcorn and candy while we watched the movie.) I told my son I would try hard to keep my mouth shut during the movie.

My son spoke first. He said, "Dad, why is [Michael Moore] lying about George Bush?" That was about all I could take. At that point, I made it clear to everyone in the theater that I would not sit there and be quiet while Michael Moore lied about America and about the President. One lie after another spewed from Michael Moore's mouth, I challenged each and everyone. At one point, the people in the theater started laughing at what I was saying. They were not laughing at me but agreeing with my take on what Michael Moore was lying about. After the movie was over, many people walked up to me and thanked me for telling the truth and for the entertaining way I had presented my views. One woman even suggested that I should make a movie. Looks like Dick Morris has beaten me to it. Dick Morris's FahreHYPE 9/11 is coming to DVD October 5th, 2004. I just pre-ordered the FahrenHYPE 9/11 DVD and the companion book! I cannot wait.

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