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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Introducing The Religion of Peace Website for Kids

Hey kiddies, want to have fun on the internet?

(via Nealz Nuze, also at

Want a website where you can play cool games? Want to be entertained while learning about the religion of peace? Want to blow yourself up for Allah? Then check out Hamas’s new website for kids!

Hamas website for kids

Sorry kiddies the infidels have shut down our website. When our website comes back online (god willing) click here to check it out. Praise Allah!

Say hello to Jihad Jane little kiddies. She can teach you how to be a real martyr. Jihad Jane makes terrorism fun.

Hey kiddies, it's your friend Jihad Jane!

Check our fun activities page for crazy ideas and instructions on how to make your very own suicide bomber belt.

You can make a bomb belt just like Saddam jr!

How cute!

And Muslims would like you believe it is just a few extremist that are making Islam look bad. Yeah right!!! Looks like if we don’t do something extreme soon we are going to have to fight the next generation of the religion of peace too.



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