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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Justice Souter Escapes Eminent Domain Seizure

How does it feel Juctice Souter?

(via Nealz Nuze)
When Supreme Court Justice David Hackett Souter voted last year to allow local governments to steal private property (Kelo vs. New London), I bet he did not realize that he could loss his own property because of his illegal ruling.

It's about time these law makers law breakers get a taste of their own medicine. From Nealz Nuze:
A group decided that if Souter believed so much in the expanded use of eminent domain, it was time for him to pay the piper. So an organization got together and decided to petition a town in New Hampshire where Souter has a home. The plan called for evicting Souter from his house, taking the land via eminent domain and building a hotel. The hotel would appropriate be called the Lost Liberty Hotel.

Oh snap! How does it feel Justice Souter? Now you know how the rest of us feel when our property is stolen by the government. But of course Justice Souter has friends in high places:
The townspeople voted not to allow Souter's house to be taken.

I’m sure the townspeople were afraid to vote yes. You wouldn’t want a Supreme Court Justice on your enemies list. Here is the good news:
People are now urging New Hampshire state officials to adopt laws to forbid eminent domain seizures.

It’s funny how laws change quickly when the law makers find themselves victims of their crappy laws. How many Americans have had their property stolen? I suggest that every lawmaker, judge, and local government official in the country that supports eminent domain seizures have their private property taken from them. If they want their private property back they must repel these illegal eminent domain seizures. Who’s with me?



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