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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Passionate Acknowledgements

I'm going to try not to cry like a baby during this post.

I was reminded the other day of all the friends I have made as a Blogger. I feel like I need to take a little time to thank the following Bloggers for their encouragement and friendship over the years.

      Pat from Brainster's Blog: you inspired me to become a Blogger.

      Kitty from Kitty Litter: you took a chance on an up and coming Blogger and ask me to become part of Digital Brownshirts News, although short lived it really was the start of my radio dreams.

      Aaron from Lifelike Pundits: your humor and your unlimited ability to throw political correctness out of the window showed me that speaking your mind (no matter how uncomfortable) is the only way to blog.

      Smokey from Smoke Signals Blog: you were my friend when no one read my blog; you were my friend when thousands of people read my blog, and you are my friend now that 3 people read my blog.

      Peakah from Peakah's Provocations: I looked forward each day to read your comments on my blog and now each day I look forward to commenting on your blog. Now you are the big fish and I am the tadpole.

      John from Blogs of War: you were one of the first big Bloggers to link to my site. A lot of my success can be attributed to you.

      Skerdog from More Sense Than Money: you visited everyday. I don’t know if you have realized I’m back yet, but I bet if you knew I could set my watch by your visits.

      EdWonk from The Education Wonks: I remember the first day you blogged. I was hooked and now 2 ½ years later you haven’t given up on me. (I’m still in your link list)

      Dr. Rusty Shackleford from The Jawa Report: You gave me a chance when all of the other gods of blogging passed me by. I still get daily hits from your archives where you linked to me.

      Jay Tea from Wizbang: you didn’t delete my trackbacks and comments. I used to brag to my friends when you responded to my comments. You made this Okie feel like I had something to say and that other people might be interested in my point of view.

Give me a second to dry my eyes. Thanks again guys (and gals) for inspiring me to continue blogging. I will always remember you.


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