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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Berkeley to let voters call for Bush impeachment

Yes, that's right, the liberal city council of the liberal city of Berkeley, from the liberal state of California is going to put the question to the voters via ballot, "Should Bush and Cheney be impeached?".

Nevermind that it will mean nothing, since only Congress can impeach a President.

Nevermind that it will cost the taxpayers of that city $10,000 to put this on the ballot.

Nevermind that, beyond the usual MSM suspects, no one will take this seriously anyway.

Yep, by golly, they're going to make a STATEMENT.

"The whole idea is to start a grass fire surging up on this issue," Councilwoman Dona Spring said. "We hope other cities put this on the ballot as well. Just in the Bay Area we could get 2 or 3 million votes, which would be a very powerful statement."

Um. Not really, when you consider that only 5 percent of voters there are registered Republicans and John Kerry got 85% of the vote there in 2004. The only "powerful statement" I see them making is that the council should be voted out of office for wasting taxpayers' money...but that's just me. I'm not a politican, but I am a thinker.

UPDATE: Looks like Boortz and I are on the same page (always a good thing).

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