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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Passionate Picks 6/25/2006 OTB

Wild Bill Surfing the Web.
Wild Bill has gone surfin.

Mama said, "blogs are like a box of chocolates. You never know what your gonna get." Here are some blogs I found interesting today.

  • jakejacobsen of Freedom Folks is tired of people saying [illegal aliens] Won't Self Deport? Passionate excert:
    Well I'll be damned, what's this? With no work available they what?

    Leave, I'm astonished, so many good (yet retarded) people have explained to us in dulcet and patronizing tones that illegals wouldn't leave simply because we pursued enforcement, simply because there was no work to be had. I won't believe these fine (yet retarded) asshats would say something they know wasn't true, so I'll assume, for the sake of kindness, that they're retarded.

  • MsUnderestimated has a music video from our troops in Iraq. She is here in the Oklahoma City area on vacation. We are going to have to get together for a meeting of the minds. hehe!

  • Real Teen has an Amerexanada update, Welcome to the North American Union with video. Hate to say it (who am I kidding I love to say it,) "I told you so!"

  • Stop The ACLU has your Sunday Funnies

  • Passionate America contributor Skerdog has his blog up and running again. He has a puzzle you might like.

  • Rick Moran leader of the Right Wing Nut House helps expose the greedy maybe unethical side of the so-called, "reality based community."
    What Mr. Riehl has uncovered with his sleuthing is what appears to be an elaborate flim flam involving a liberal PAC called BlogPac (that Markos Moulitsis transferred administration to MyDD just 10 days ago) and an apparent working relationship between Armstrong and MyDD’s Chris Bowers.
    Find out how deep the rabbit hole leans to the left.

  • Cao's Blog has Sunday OTB too!

  • Pamela aka "Atlas" has her video Vlog up. Not only is Pam a fire ball but she is easy on the eyes.

  • Euphoric Reality has their new website up. Make sure to change your link in your blogroll. If you do not have Euphoric Reality on your blogroll, what are you waiting for add them.

  • Harvey over at IMAO exposes Glenn Reynolds' evil plan, what to do with $10 Million Insta-Dollars. Indeed heh here.

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