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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Don't be Homelessphobic!
Moonbats Have Homelessphobia.

Moonbats like to refer to Conservatives as Chickenhawks because, well because they are stupid. What they fail to realize (because they are cowardly hypocrites) is that they are calling the kettle black.

Moonbats are Homelessphobes. You can only really care about and understand homeless people if you yourself are homeless. To prove how much they care about the homeless I propose that Moonbats give all their money to the government and move to a bridge underpass. Until that happens you are homelessphobic hypocrites that don't give a crap about the homeless. If they really cared about homeless people, the left would join the ranks of the homeless. Moonbats, think of how smug you can feel when you truly show how your heart weeps for the disadvantaged and downtrodden.

Come on Moonbats, show your support today. Get started now by donating all of your money by clicking on the make a donation button on the top of the right sidebar. The only way you can prove you are not homelessphobic is to become homeless. Give, give till it hurts.

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