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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More guns = Less crime?

Wha-- ? That must be wrong, huh? The gun control people don't want to see stuff like this.

Florida's crime rate dropped for the 14th straight year in 2005 to its lowest mark since 1971 because of tougher laws, increased financial support from the Legislature and law-abiding citizens with guns, Gov. Jeb Bush said Tuesday.

"This report shows that staying tough on crime works," said Bush. "Law abiding citizens that have guns for protection actually probably are part of the reason we have a lower crime rate."

Nah, I'm sure that has NOTHING to do with it. It's probably just the fact that the criminals in Florida are getting a conscience, right? That they no longer want to do evil ? No? I just don't understand how having MORE guns could result in LESS crime... It just doesn't make sense, I tell ya.

Last year Bush signed a bill that allows people who feel threatened on the street, in a bar, at a ball game — or just about anywhere — to "meet force with force" to defend themselves without fear of being prosecuted.

"You send a real powerful signal when you know the citizen has a good potential of being armed and doesn't have to back off anymore," said John Birch, president of the Illinois-based Concealed Carry, Inc.

Well yeah, there is THAT, I suppose...

Opponents, however, have said the idea would legalize shootouts in the streets.

Well yeah, I mean just look at that shootout they had in....umm....hang on, it'll come to me....oh wait! ... No... Hmm...

A telephone message left for comment after hours with the The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence in Washington, D.C. was not immediately returned.

"Thank you for calling the Brady Center. We cannot take your call at this time as we have not had sufficient time to think of a way to spin this latest bad news."

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