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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sever Meltdown

WAR Sever Meltdown!
Wide Awakes Radio Live Streaming Sever is offline until Saturday.

We got more listeners today than our temporary sever could handle. Kender our fearless leader was forced to shut down our live radio stream until our permanent dedicated sever arrives Friday. Wide Awakes Radio should be up in time for my show on Saturday. If not then my first show will be next Saturday.

This might sound like bad news, but there is a bright side to our sever meltdown, we had more listeners on our first day than we expected. Wide Awakes Radio is growing by leaps and bounds.

Also the Wide Awakes website was down for a while today because of the extremely high visitor traffic. That problem has been fixed. Thanks to everyone that tuned in and made our first day a big success.

Here is what Heidi at Euphoric Reality had to say about the meltdown:
Really, what happened is that this vision for WAR is so much bigger than any of us had a clue about. The demand for this radio station was so unprecedented and so unanticipated, that everyone was wholly unprepared for the tsunami of interest that swamped us today.

Never fear - we will be live again - bigger and BETTER - next week. So stay tuned as WAR ramps up again. You will not want to miss out on this crazy ride! It’s the wave of the future!

Here is what Justin at Right on the Right had to say about the situation:
Today, Wide Awakes Radio launched to a magnificent crowd of listeners. We had tons of callers, and I had the opportunity on the air with a true genius and an amazing writer, Rick Moran of Right Wing Nuthouse. By the afternoon, we found that something amazing had happened. We found out that our server wasn’t capable of handling the number of listeners that logged on, and soon enough we had to bring the stream down. While this is of course unfortunate, it means that we premiered to an excellent audience. We are going to have to RE-LAUNCH, probably Sunday or Monday.

Gribbit had this to say:
Yes, I’m disappointed that we aren’t still live and on the air and that I have to wait until next week to go live with Gribbit Live. But that’s OK. Starting mid-week when most of Congress and the rest of the government is off for the holiday isn’t the best. The wait will give me a chance to build up some ammo.

As anxious as we all are to get started, we all would rather get started right. We had no idea that today’s response would be so positive. And if today is an indicator as to our future, our future looks bright if we handle the situation correctly.

basil's blog has more:
WAR is not broadcasting right now. A little too successful, it seems, on launch day. We'll be ready for the load come relaunch.

WAR is coming! Again!

Cao from Cao's Blog chimes in:
We had callers ringing the phones off the hook…and most importantly, we discovered that our launch surpassed all expectations. We now need to regroup, and Kender needs to work on the new server so we can handle the traffic. And we need a lot of prayers.

Stacy Harp at The Right View was ready to go on air before the sever let out the magic smoke:
I didn't have an opportunity to go on the air, but the other hosts that did get to debut did such a wonderful job that essentially the server was overloaded!!!

Kat over at CatHouse Chat is optimistic:
WOW!!!! Your support and interest made this happen, and we'll be back as soon as God gives us the path.

Which - if I know Kender (which I *DO*) - just might possibly (not probably... just POSSIBLY!) be tomorrow... ;-) (Yep... I'm an optimist, and have boundless faith in our stupendous staff!)

Yes we will be ready to go live again soon. WAR will not end until the other side surrenders.

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