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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


crApple Deserves A Blackeye Over Stupid Lawsuit

I am going to start referring to Apple as crApple, because this is the biggest sack of crap I have seen in awhile.

crApple thinks they own the word "pod" and is suing companies that use any form of the word pod. From
[cr]Apple is waging war against companies that use the word "pod" in product and company names, arguing customers will be confused by what brand they are buying.

The action has been fuelled by Podcast Ready, a 13-employee company, which has developed software to allow podcasts to be delivered directly to digital music players.

Lawyers for [cr]Apple, makers of the iPod, have demanded the corporation stop using the word "pod" in its name and software. (more)
crApple has lost their minds. Apple farmers should sue them for using the word apple which is a fruit not a computer.

When is this stupidity going to end? I can see crApple being concerned about the use of the word ipod, but pod. So I guess they plan on suing everyone that has a podcast? Well crApple, I have a podcast go ahead and sue me (I could use the free advertisement.)

pod pod pod pod pod...sue me!

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