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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Passionate America Show Audio From The Okie Blogger Round-Up

PAS live from the Okie Blogger Round-Up

The best of The Passionate America Show

One of the best Passionate America Shows we have ever done happened on September 23rd, 2006. Big Mike and Wild Bill broadcasted live from the first ever Okie Blogger Round-Up that night and here is the audio.

PAS_podcast_2006_09_23_part_1.mp3 download mp3 of part 1

Part 1 (29:41) Show Notes:

PAS_podcast_2006_09_23_part_2.mp3 download mp3 of part 2

Part 2 (26:40) Show Notes:

  • Backstreet boys are gay! (mp3 audio)

  • Fitch from calls the show and tells us about his vacation and he loves the show

  • Fitch hints at a gay relationship with Wild Bill

  • Jan (Fitch's girl) gets on the phone and turns up the heat

  • Wild Bill and Big Mike try to talk Jan into getting freaky with her man Fitch

  • Jan gets a $50 discount from a hotel because she could not listen to The Passionate America Show

  • Jan explains why women fake orgasms

  • Wild Bill predicts sex in Fitch's future

  • Kender plays "Any Gal of Mine" (mp3 audio)

  • Christmas at grandma's

  • Wild Bill explains how he got his name

PAS_podcast_2006_09_23_part_3.mp3 download mp3 of part 3

Part 3 (33:33) Show Notes:

  • "She Thinks My Mullet's Sexy" (mp3 audio)

  • Smokey from Passionate America and Smoke Signals Blog calls the show but has to hang up because he gets pulled over by a cop

  • Big Mike tells us about his great idea that was taken from him

  • Wild Bill and Big Mike interrupt the Mozartballs screening in the other room

  • Smokey calls back did he get a ticket?

  • Smokey is buying the beer

  • Wild Bill tricks Smokey into telling a story so he can hang up on him, but Kender screws it up!

  • "Walmart is coming to town" (song)

  • Narcolepsy and Tourettes Syndrome commercial preformed by Big Mike

  • Big Mike screws up my joke

  • Big Mike threatens to have me committed

  • Big Mike talks about killing cripples

  • blah blah blah hahaha

  • Wild Bill pisses off Big Mike

PAS_podcast_2006_09_23_part_4.mp3 download mp3 of part 4

Part 4 (35:29) Show Notes:

  • "My Cubicle" (video)

  • Big Mike and Wild Bill make nice

  • We pimp out Dan and Angi Something to Say

  • Wild Bill and Mike H. from smoke a cigarette in a non-smoking ballroom

  • My Wide Awakes Radio t-shirt did not show up in time for the Okie Blogger Round-Up

  • Tyson Wynn from instant messages the show from Texas (check out his podcast)

  • We read the results of the 2006 Okie Blog Awards

  • Jan calls the show and inflates my ego

  • We all flirt with Jan

  • echo echo echo

  • Wild Bill makes one more attempt to get Fitch some sweet sweet love

  • The gay jokes just keep on coming

  • "Blog It Like Its Hot" (mp3 audio)

  • Kender closes out the show and plays my new theme song

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