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Friday, October 06, 2006

Istook calls Wild Bill, "Irresponsible Internet Blogger"

I did an interview with News 9 (video) (and more video) This video made Istook look like the fool he is. I said "Wholly Crap!" during the interview and they played it on the air. My brother text messaged me, "Rock On, you said Wholly Crap on the news!!!" Yes I did.

I was interviewed by Charles Bassett a reporter for News 9. I really enjoyed speaking with Mr. Bassett and I didn't catch the name of the camera person but I thought she was great. Mr. Bassett was informed that Congressman Ernest Istook was about to have a press conference at his campaign headquarters. We finished the interview and he asked me if I wanted to go to the press conference and I don't remember what I said, but I think it was something like, "Hell Yes!" I meet Mr. Bassett at the press conference were I stood about 5 feet away from Istook while he delivered his spin. Video of press conference.

I almost interrupted Istook's bullcrap but I decided that I should just let him destroy any chance he had of getting elected. I will not vote for Istook (call me Brad Henry we need to talk.) I am a Republican and he is a Republican but I'll be damned if I ever vote for a candidate that can't speak like a real human being and says ignorant things like this:
I know the prevailing standard in journalism is not to disclose the identity or personal details about minors and victims of sexual crimes. Just because one irresponsible Internet blogger chose not to follow this standard doesn't make it right for others to disregard it."
Well I already proved Jordan Edmund is not a minor and serious questions are being asked about whether he was a victim or if this was a planned plot prank. So try again Ernest. And you call me irresponsible. I was being RESPONSIBLE by exposing truth and uncovering ABC NEWS as liars once again. From AP:
But in one exchange the network inadvertently left the victim's screen name on. It was quickly discovered and removed, replaced by a version with the name redacted.

However, ABC said Thursday that a blogger was able to retrieve the deleted file. The blogger, known as "Wild Bill' from the "Passionate America" site, went on a computer detective mission he describes in detail on his site to discover the name.
(full text)
Let me explain the ABC NEWS lie:
  • It was quickly discovered and removed | Bullcrap unless you consider quickly 4-5 days!

  • deleted file | If the file was deleted then how did I find it? Oh it is deleted now but not for the 4-5 days That I checked everyday to see if they had removed it. I also show several people how to find the file so they could back me up if ABC tried to pull another fast one.
Yes I just called whoever made the statement for ABC NEWS a liar. If they decide to file legal action against me just to let them know I have documented proof and several witnesses that can back up my accusations.

This is why people distrust politicians and media more and more each day. When I talked to Bryan Dean staff writer for The Oklahoman I told him, "We just want you to tell us the truth, please tell us the truth." I was not suggesting Bryan Dean was lying to me I was talking about the media as a whole.

I am a news junkie and I see so much news that is spun to fit the story the media wants to tell this week and outright lies. The dishonesty masquerading as truth in some of the media will make you sick.

I am so disappointed with ABC NEWS today. I used to watch ABC NEWS each night but no longer. I will give CBS a try, because they told my story and they told the truth. Now I will keep an eye on them and let them know when the news is right and when the news is wrong.

You can help to, if you see news that is wrong investigate the truth and expose the frauds. But if they get it right let them know. Charles Bassett and Bryan Dean you did a great job.

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