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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Meet Jordan Edmund One Mark Foley Instant Messanger

Jordan Edmund 21 years old
Jordan Edmund is 21 years old

Mark Foley is a scumbag! Mark Foley is a scumbag! Mark Foley is a scumbag!

Now that that is out of the way I will reveal how I (and a few others) discovered Jordan Edmund was one of the former house pages that participated in sexually explicit instant messages with Rep. Mark Foley. Also I will explain to you why I believe it necessary to reveal Jordan Edmund's identity. You may not agree with my decision, but I hope to explain my reasoning by the end of this story.

On the evening of September 30th I did what many people did and I read the instant messages released by Brian Ross at ABC NEWS. Here is the link to the pdf of the instant messages. When I had finished reading the messages I felt disgust toward what Foley did. Below is a picture of the last 3 lines of that instant message.

Instant message with screen name Xxxxxxx out

I was so upset about what Foley said to an 17 year old boy that I started searching the ABC NEWS website to find out if there were more instant messages. This is what I found.

Instant message with screen name revealed

Same instant message with one big difference. The teen's AOL screen name is clearly visible. I could only come up with 2 conclusions; either someone at ABC NEWS screwed up big time or they meant for someone to find the unedited instant message.

I decided to see if I could find out more information about the screen name. Since I do not have and AOL account I instant messaged Ms. Underestimated to see if she had an AOL account. She did and I asked her to check and see if the screen name lolakana223 had a profile on AOL. I sent her the screen name and she told me that there was a profile so I asked her to send me a screen shot of the profile. She sent me the screen shot and asked me who the person was. I told her I would tell her but she should not tell anyone else. I explained how I found the screen name and together we decided to see what else we could find. Below is the screen shot of the profile. Click to enlarge.

AOL profile for lolakana223

First we discussed what the screen name could mean. I thought the screen name meant, lol aka N/A February 23, because February 23 was when the teen in the instant message said, "im not 18 till feb 23." From the AOL profile we now had the possible first name and state of the teen (I say possible because at the time we had no idea that we were looking at the actual first name and state of the teen.) Ms. U noticed that the profile had not been updated since 1/7/03 (a little more than a month before the teens 18th birthday) also the profile had only been viewed 12 times since it was created. We came to the conclusion that we had discovered something that almost no one else had. It was late so we both went to bed.

The next mourning I got an idea to search for Congressional Page website that might answer the question that was bugging me. Who is Jordan? My search lead me to (the website is down now.) As soon as I clicked on the link I saw this screen before I was redirected to the website. Click picture to enlarge.

message on pagealumni website on Sunday, October 01, 2006

I wrote the email address down and sent an email. While I waited for a return email I Instant messaged Ms. Underestimate about the strange message on the website. We searched the website for any info on Jordan and Foley. We did find these 2 messages about Foley.

eeeeeeeeeeee Foley

Foley story

I then receive and email from Matthew Loraditch a former page and the site administrator for

Matthew Loraditch

The email contained Matthew's phone number so I called him. Matthew answer quickly and to me seemed nervous. I told him I had found a name and ask if he could confirm that the name I had was the page that had instant messaged Mark Foley. Matthew said he would not confirm or deny the identity of the name I had. So asked his why he put the redirect message on the website and he said because he had a statement he wanted to make. I asked him what statement he wanted to make and said he was working on it now and said he would email me when he had finished. the Palm Beach Post published Matthew's statement before he emailed it to me. Ms. U and I took a break for a while and when we came back was shut down with just a message that Matthew Loraditch would be posting a message about his involvement in the Mark Foley scandal. I searched for another congressional page website that might shed light on who Jordan was. I found this. Click to enlarge.

Picture of Jordan with Bush

The link claimed to be a picture of 4 girls and Jordan. Below is the picture.

Picture of Jordan with Bush

Could this be the Jordan we were looking for?

Jordan Edmund 03

I now had a picture that could be Jordan so I searched for more pictures that looked like this guy. I found this picture. Click to enlarge.

Jordan and Friends

Here is a close-up.

Jordan Edmund 04

I sent the pictures to Ms. U and she created a side-by-side comparison. Click to enlarge.

They look like the same person to me

We now had a Jordan, but was it the same Jordan that wrote the instant messages? We would need to connect the screen name with a picture of this guy. I did a search with the screen name from the instant message that ABC NEWS published and I found a picture sharing site that had many pictures like the one below.

Jordan Edmund 05 older

That is our guy which is what the side-by-side comparison below shows. Click to enlarge.

They look like the same person to me

We now knew that we had the correct screen name, first name, picture, but this newest picture has a problem. Jordan looks older, is heavier, and he is drinking a beer. He does not look like the underage teen that most of the media portrays him. Is he drinking underage or could he be 21? How old are these instant messages?

What we needed now was a last name to go with Jordan. Ms. Underestimated finds the last name (at the top of this screen shot.) Click to enlarge.

Jordan Edmund is in his 2nd year at Berkeley

Now we have a last name. Remember the AOL profile said Jordan was from Cali well this page gives us more evidence to support our findings. On a side not Ms. U gets a chuckle from Jordan Edmund answer to "Three things I would bring on a desert island: I toothbrush because I am obsessive with brushing my teeth, toilet paper, and Ding Dongs." Do we find more? You bet your ass we do.

Jordan A. Edmund House Page Class 2002

House Page Class 2002 Jordan Edmund. At this point in the story ABC NEWS has revealed that the instant messages were from 2003, that would be after Jordan Edmund left the Congressional Page Program, but when exactly did he leave the House Page Program? this link tells us when that was (it is very long but note the date June 6, 2002 and then scroll to the bottom to find Jordan Edmund and Matthew Loraditch also somewhere in the middle you will find a reference to the creepy Mark Foley.) FAREWELL TO DEPARTING 2001-2002 PAGE CLASS

Ms. Underestimated finds more proof that we have found the right guy. Click to enlarge.

Jordan Edmund with a picture

At 9pm Tuesday night Ms. Underestimated made the find that shocked me and her. Jordan Edmund is currently working as Deputy Campaign Manager for Ernest Istook here in Oklahoma City. Here is his mysapce page that has everything and proves that Jordan Edmund is also the other person in these instant messages with Mark Foley the perv.

Jordan Edmund's myspace page
Jordan Edmund's myspace page

Update: Blogger published my post before it was ready. I have more to say about this, but I am posting this now because it is already out. I have been contacted by the media and I might be on TV soon. I called Istook's office after the post went up and told them who I was and what I had posted, they seemed to already know who I am and they confirmed that Jordan Edmund did work there but he was out of the office. I gave them my phone number if they need to contact me. I hope you will read what I have wrote first them make up your own mind. I am sorry for the misspellings and bad grammar. I will keep you informed as I can. I will be on the radio at at 4pm Central Time. This is not the end, I have much more. --Wild Bill--

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