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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Wild Bill calls Matthew Loraditch about Mark Foley

Matthew Loraditch***Updates at the bottom***

I called Matthew Loraditch about an hour ago about the Mark Foley scandal

ABCNews has identified Matthew Loraditch as:
Matthew Loraditch, a page in the 2001-2002 class, told ABC News he and other pages were warned about Foley by a supervisor in the House Clerk's office.
Ms. Underestimated and I have been researching this story. I spoke with Matthew Loraditch on the phone and he said he was writing a statement about the incident and that he would email me when he had completed his statement.

I have been following the Rep. Mark Foley case and I have uncovered the screen name and first name of the page that Mark Foley supposedly instant messaged. I am still trying to contact this individual and I will hold his name for now. I will have more has the story unfolds. Something does not seem right about the Mark Foley story.

Update: Right Wing Nut House has more. Allah from Hot Air is all over this too.

Update #2: Matthew Loraditch the site administrator of has shut down his message board. Here is what Matthew had to say:

Because of the current situation. I am shutting down the board until I can provide a proper statement about my part in what has been going on. I appreciate your patience.
Earlier today The Blotter published a story about Matthew Loraditch's statements about the Mark Foley scandal. GOP Staff Warned Pages About Foley in 2001

Meanwhile from Drudge Report: Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) today sent the following letter to U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

Gateway Pundit has more: Foley Fallout: What We Know Now

Update #3: Could this be Foleygate? Someone has altered the emails.

Update #4: 4:28pm CT I just tried to call Matthew Loraditch again, but he did not answer his phone. I have no idea if he will send me the statement he says he is preparing.

Update #5: Matthew Loraditch has released his statement. Thanks to Peach for finding this.

Update #6: New post on Matthew Loraditch

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