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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Al Qaeda, "Anybody but Bush."

An article today on quotes US intelligence officials as saying:

"The goal of the next attack is twofold: to damage the U.S. economy and to undermine the U.S. election," the official said. "The view of al Qaeda is 'anybody but Bush.' “

Can you see the Liberal Wheel of Mis-Fortune spinning now? According to liberals the economy already sucks and the last TERROR warning was just a political move by Bush Inc. to take the spotlight away from John “I would have went to war too” Kerry.

It sounds like the anybody but Bush crowd has some new supporters: TERRORISTS! If you want a President that will do everything he can to defeat TERRORISM, then I say, "Nobody but BUSH."

Here are a few sites covering the Next Al Qaeda Attack:

Blogs of War examines The Next al Qaeda Attack
Backcountry Consevative has news about a Major Assassination Plan
The Moderate Voice posts Al Qaeda Wants To Hit US Before The Elections
Outside the Beltway is blogging about Al Qaeda Planning 'Major Assassination'
Allah Pundit has odds on Who's wearing the bullseye?
DGCI lets us know that Bin Laden hints major assassination
The Spoons Experience yells WHOAH!
The Truth Laid Bear is Giving New Meaning to "Hit Counter"
Generation Why? has a story about Anybody But Bush

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