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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Passionate America is getting an intern!

My god, this has to be one of the best ideas I've ever had!

(scroll down for updates and audio post)

I’ve had a tough decision to make over the last few days. It’s been eating away at me. I’ve been unable to sleep.

I’ve realized that blogging is beneath me. No real American would spend 70 hours a week working his butt of reading 20 websites a day writing posts and doing a podcast for the low wages that I do, (and by low wages I mean NO WAGES!) I’m just too good for this blogging crap. Matter of fact…I'm just too important for this.

I know what you’re thinking, “Wild Bill say it ain’t so. What’s gonna happen to Passionate America if your not here?” Calm down, the capitalist in me is not going to shut down the blog, (hell I still expect to make a hefty profit from this website in about 50 years!) I’ve come up with an idea to keep the website going, limit the time I spend working on the website, and still allow my lazy American ass to profit if and when this site starts raking in the money. Are you ready for my earth shattering idea?

I’ve decided to hire illegal aliens to run Passionate America while I’m busy turning my nose up at the menial pettiness of blogging. I’ll admit the thought of hiring illegal aliens breaks my evil war-mongering black heart. I tried to hire legal Americans (like Dr. Rusty Shackelford) to blog for me, but they never show up, when they do they are usually stoned or only want to work for about 1 hour a day. This is unacceptable; I need someone willing to work harder than I am willing to work and cheaper.

I found just the person I was looking for yesterday standing in a line in front of a day labor service. His name is Pepe and he was holding a sign that said, and I quote, “WILL WORK FOR BEANS!” How can I beat a deal like that? So I picked Pepe up, made him take a shower, taught him how to log onto Blogger, and put a pot of beans on the stove. Truthfully I don’t think Pepe speaks much English, but his blogging can’t be much worse than mine.

I hope everyone that reads Passionate America will extend a warm welcome to Pepe my illegal Mexican alien Blogger intern, because we all know, “Americans just don’t want to do this kind of work!” I have to say after his shower and after I filled his stomach with my world famous frijoles rancheros, Pepe had a smile as big as the border.

Meet my new illegal Mexican alien Blogger intern Pepe!

Maybe every Blogger should hire an illegal alien?

Update: It looks like Dr. Rusty Shackleford over at The Jawa Report will blog for food. I don't know, but I bet feeding Dr. Shackelford and his family would cost me more than a pot of beans!

Glenn at InstaPundit is trying to help Rusty out too.

Update 2: Pepe seems excited. He was over a Michelle Malkin's site and he said, "Senior Wild Bill, I would be a miner if they paid me in beans." I'm a little worried. I might have to throw in a jalapeño to sweeten the deal.

Update 3: I decide to read the post for you. Click the play button to listen to Wild Bill read this post.

What do you think? Someone should offer me a radio job!


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