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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

American Animal Farm

Who let the pigs out?

The animals have taken control of our government. John Derbyshire puts into words how I feel.
We are on the last page of Animal Farm here; I can no longer tell the men from the pigs.
I'm starting to think they are all pigs. The real men (and women) left the American Animal Farm a long time ago. Michael Savage thinks America has become the political zoo.

From The Political Zoo by Michael Savage:
Welcome to Our Real National Zoo.

Aristotle said, "Man is a political animal." He was right. In ways he could never have imagined. What's more, today's political man is the most bestial of the herd. Just look around. The world of politics is filled with uncivilized, snarling, rapacious beasts that, like untrained mutts, raise their legs and urinate on everything we hold dear. Where have you gone, Rin Tin Tin? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.
I'll tell you where Rin Tin Tin has gone, he got the hell out while the getting was good.

I've been holding this in for a while and it's been eating me up. I have had it with our non-representatives in Washington. I won't be voting for a republican unless they pull their heads out of each others asses. And there is no way in hell I would vote for a socialist democrat. America is in the middle of World War III and the people we have elected to lead us seem to be at war with us.

Russian president Putin announced today, "It is premature to speak of the end of the arms race. It is in reality rising to a new technological level." Well no shit. Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, most of the Middle East, and the communists/socialists within America all want to destroy this nation. What is it going to take before the real Americans get off of their asses and fight to save our great republic? I guess 911 was not enough of a wake up call. There will be more 911's unless we stop the Animals before they destroy the farm.

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