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Friday, October 06, 2006

Stephen Jones Demands I pull the Jordan Edmund Story

***Updates at the bottom***

I got this email yesterday:
Dear William Kerr and Passionate America:

Please be advised that I represent Jordan Edmund. It is our understanding that you and Passionate American are identifying Mr. Edmund with certain Instant Messages ("IMs"). You have indicated that ABC News mistakenly published these alleged Ims and that you should not have been able to obtain this information. Whether this is true or not is beside the point. Without any foundation or legal permission, you are stating that our client is the person associated with the Ims. Neither ABC News nor Brian Ross have been error free in their reporting in the past. You should not assume that they are correct now. Like all individuals and institutions, they occasionally make mistakes. Therefore, I respectfully demand that you cease any further efforts to identify our client with these alleged Ims and cease publishing such information on Passionate America. Neither you nor Passionate American is authorized to use any photograph of him, his name or his personal information. You should consult with an attorney who is experienced in civil and criminal liability regarding the internet. If you are correct that ABC News should not have released the alleged AOL screen name and that ABC News has risked civil and criminal liability because of the unauthorized release, then your republication of the unauthorized release likewise exposes you to possible liability.


Stephen Jones
114 E. Broadway, Suite 1100
P.O. Box 472
Enid, Oklahoma 73702
(580) 242-5500
(580) 242-4556 (fax)
[email address removed see Update #3]

So I have contacted some of the people I have met in the past few days for advice. My view on this is I have already published the story many people have put this on their websites also. Much of the main stream media has put the story out. The cat is out of the bag. Is Stephen Jones going to send these emails out to thousands of people? I believe I have done nothing wrong legally, until I hear different from people smarter than me I am going to treat this as a threat and leave everything on the website. I could use your help; do you know anyone that can help me? Send me an email.

Update: The Oklahoman confirms the email did come from Jones office, "Lawyer of former page sends email to blogger"

Update #2: (HT to Big Dog for emailing me this.) Much more info about this story also at CNN, "Attorney: Feds, page to talk about Foley correspondence"

Update #3: Christoph from Loving Jacqui emailed me and said:
Even though you might HATE the guy, I don't think you should post his professional email address! I think you should pull it off your website... just saying that no one deserves spam.

Gas chamber, imprisonment, water boarding, nosey in-laws... I can see an argument for it in certain circumstances. But spam's too much.



P.S. Now, if you ever get Osama's email address, I say throw caution to the wind and post it all over town!
I agree I should have removed it from the original post. See I can admit when I am wrong. Thanks Christoph.

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