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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Earth notifies Planet Moonbat of Eminent Terrorist Attack

Planet Moonbat
Moonbats in Space
Episode 1: The Menace to Society

On the left side of the galaxy far far away from reality...

The phone rings, ryan from planet Moonbat answers his phone:

ryan: Hello?
Earth: Hello ryan, this is the director of the NSA on Earth. I'm calling to warn you of an eminent terrorist attack that is about to destroy planet Moonbat!
ryan: How did you get this number?
Earth: That's not important, what is important is that your world is about to be destroyed and we have intercepted a phone conversation between President Ahhaaamydaineajihad from planet Iran and a private citizen of planet Moonbat that clearly point to a plot to destroy....
ryan: Wait a minute, wait a damn minute, first don't call this number before 2pm. I party all night long and I don't roll out of bed before 2. Second how in the hell did you get this number?
Earth: Are you listening? I'm trying to give you information that can save your planet!
ryan: Lookie here asshole, don't change the subject. Answer my question!
Earth: Can you put someone on the phone that isn't retarded?
ryan: Why you gotta call me names?
Earth: I didn't call you a name, I asked if you could put someone on the phone that is not retarded.
ryan: You just did it again. If you're gonna start calling me names then I'm not listening to you.
Earth: I didn't start the name calling you did!
ryan: I did not.
Earth: Would you like me to play back the recording of this conversation, you called me an asshole.
ryan: Are you recording this phone call?
Earth: Yes.
ryan: Did you just say, "yes?"
Earth: aaahhh Yes! you cares your planet is about to blow up and you are worried that I am recording this phone call?
ryan: If my life partner Steve finds out I was at a party having sex with 3 hot guys last night, when I told him I was at my 3rd step father's house I'm gonna be in big trouble.
Earth: Steve won't care about your gay stories if you are dead.
ryan: Are you threatening me?
Earth: No President Ahhaaamydaineajihad from planet Iran is.
ryan: If you don't erase that tape right now I'm going to call my lawyer and he will sue your ass. Have you ever heard of the right to privacy?
Earth: Do you even care that your entire planet including you are about to die.
ryan: There you go again threatening me.
Earth: Will you please put someone on the phone that has at least 2 active brain cells?
ryan: Will you please respect my privacy? Oh I almost forgot, how did you get this number?
Earth: I'm hanging up now.
ryan: Just like an evil homophobic Nazi Earthling, you can't answer my question so you threaten to hang up the phone. ANSWER THE QUESTION!
Earth: Enjoy the last hour of your life ba-bye. (click)
59 minutes and 31 seconds later...
ryan: Are you going to answer the question? Don't pretend to be a dial tone Nazi. If you don't answer the question then that means I'm right and you’re wrong. If you don't answer the question by the time I count to ten I'm hanging up. Alright I'm going to start counting now. 1...2...3...4...5...6...I'm almost at 10, you better answer the question...7...8...9.....10 GOODBYE ASSHBOOOOM!!!

Goodbye Planet Moonbat!

Update: Thanks to The Jawa Report for the link. Howie, may the force be with you.

Thanks to Black George Bush for the adding a link to this post in the comment section of this post over at LGF.

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