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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Doug Kendall Libertarian Cry Baby!

(Don't cry little Dougie!)
Dougie calls Glenn Beck show and Glenn makes fun of him, poor baby.

Doug Kendall let me ask you a question. Have you ever listened to the Glenn Beck radio show? Glenn makes fun of everybody! Also Dougie you are a Libertarian, your just screaming to be made fun of by anyone living in the real world.

Listen to Glenn be mean to little Dougie.

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Check out Dougie's cry baby post about his unfair treatment from when he called Glenn here and here.

Here are a few classic, "I want my Mommie" excrets from Dougie's temper tantrum:
I should have known that I would not be allowed to talk about any kind of alternative to “major” Party dominance and control...*whaaaa*...He also tried to portray me as a blubbering, nervous, loud person who couldn't complete a sentence...*Mommie*...Glenn asked something along the lines of whether or not I was snorting dope off of a hooker's body. Needless to say, humor or not, I didn't appreciate it...*Glenn is picking on me!*

(*bold added by me*)
Dougie needs a nap. I don't speak for Glenn but if you called my radio show (which I don't have yet) I would make fun of your silly Libertarian ass also. Why? Because that's what I do, make jokes about people that live in an alternate reality, like Libertarians. I'm not going to get into the whole why I'm not a Libertarian screed, I already did that here. I'm just gonna say, if your a Libertarian, good for you, but the rest of the world will inplode if we follow the, "Everybody should be able to do almost everything they want to do just as long as they sign a Pledge stating that they will not initiate force or fraud to further their social or political goals.

Cheese and rice, are you fuckin retarded Dougie! What fucking planet do you think you live on? Beep...beep...BEEP...DING! Correct answer, EARTH! There are idiots on this fucking planet. There are people that will kill you by cutting off your head, even after they signed your dumbshit pledge. Dougie I think you filled your diaper.


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