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Thursday, July 06, 2006

American Microphone: another leftard on the mic

Looks like the left thinks they need more of their retarded Moonbats views behind microphones and on video. I guess the failure of Air America was not proof enough for the libs at American Microphone that people just don't want to listen to whining communists on the radio. So they decided they would start another crappy liberal propaganda network. If you have a strong stomach check out American Microphone.

In their news and links section you will find this:

Recommended Sites

If you need anymore proof that these idiots do not have a clue, surf on over to Here is a sample of the utter stupidity that fills this blog:
Welcome to the Blue Force Blog!

This community blog is dedicated to the discussion and debate pertaining to the "Fighting Dems" and the implementation of a progressive national security stance.
Democrats that want to implement a progressive national security stance? I thought their national security stance is to bring all the troops home and let terrorists have free run over the middle east. Wait a minute I might have found's plan for winning the war on terror:
Kevin Drum makes an interesting observation about Bush's "foreign policy":

...the Bush administration literally seems to have no foreign policy at all anymore. They have no serious plan for Iraq, no plan for Iran, no plan for North Korea, no plan for democracy promotion, no plan for anything. With the neocons on the outs, Condoleezza Rice at the State Department, and Dick Cheney continuing to drift into an alternate universe at the OVP, the Bush administration seems completely at sea. There's virtually no ideological coherency to their foreign policy that I can discern, and no credible followup on what little coherency is left...(more liberal BS, if you care to read the whole thing)
Nope sorry no plan there unless you consider saying Bush has no plan a plan. Let's see they bitch that Bush has no plan, which is a lie, say they are for the implementation of a progressive national security stance, but the only plan they have is to say that Bush has no plan for anything. Where the hell is your plan bluefarceblog?

I need a drink.

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