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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Eric at Classical Values Seems To Get It

Eric gets it. Then why is it that so many of the other big named blogs don't get it. Jordan Edmunds identity was information Ms. Underestimated, me Wild Bill, and the all of the people we let view the evidence we had before we publish the story believed had to get out so that the facts could be uncovered. Ms. Underestimated and I got the ball rolling on this story.

I have a question for the bloggers that still refuse to give us credit. Why do you still blog about Foleygate when you cannot even be honest with your readers enough to let them know if it was not for two hard working bloggers (Ms. Underestimated and me, Wild Bill) the story would not have advanced beyond some of the lies. Once we released Jordan Edmund's identity, bloggers and media from around the world had an opportunity to search out the truth and report it.

Oh I almost forgot I have to make sure I say Foley is a scumbag (or we will be accused of defending him) and I did not give a crap about party affiliation in this case, our release of OUR STORY was about the truth. I did not do this for fame and fortune although it might come to that. I will no longer sit by while others report on this story and pretend that they have higher morals and that that gives them right to not credit our hard work. If I am sued because of this case it will effect every blogger's 1st Amendment rights and every media organizations rights as well. If I am successfully sued it will set legal precedence and open the door for each and every blogger and news organization that published Jordan Edmund's identity to be sued. You may not agree with what we did although someday I believe you will, at least agree that we have the 1st Amendment Right to freedom of speech. If we cannot all agree on that issue then we will all surly lose.

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