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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Michelle Malkin You Do Not Know Me

***Updates at the bottom***

I had to respond to Michelle Malkin's wild accusations about me from this post. I followed a link on that post over to Hot Air to this post. I had to respond, I have no idea why Michelle has what seems to be a grudge against me, but there is no way with what I have been through over the last week that I am going to let her get away what I consider a hit piece against me. Below is what I wrote:
I tried to have a spine and stand up for what was right and Michelle and many other conservative bloggers threw me under the bus.

This is in response to this post by Michelle Malkin.

I did the right things for the right motives despite what Malkin thinks. She does not know me and to say,
"a conservative blogger [Wild Bill of Passionate America] has ginned up publicity for his work outing a 21-year-old young man--a former congressional page and current deputy campaign manager for a heartland Republican congressman--who received sexually explicit instant messages from disgraced Florida GOP Rep. Mark Foley when he was 17 and 18 years old. I have received several e-mails from the blogger and readers flogging the post.

I refused to link to the blogger then and even though the Drudge Report has plastered screaming headlines about the blogger's scoop, I refuse to link to it now. There was absolutely no good reason to expose the former congressional page's name and identity. Seizing on ABC News' redaction failure and reporting errors (more on that in a moment) to play gotcha in a feeble attempt to avenge Foley is not a sufficient reason to obliterate the young man's privacy. The young man was the prey, not the predator."

First, my name is William Kerr not "a conservative blogger".

Second, "has ginned up publicity" hey Michelle do you know me, do you have any idea beyond speculation and wild accusations as to what my motives were? No you don't, do not pretend to know my motivations, you could have emailed me after I sent emails to you and a press release I could have explained myself to you, but no one listened me (except for real friends). I tried to send this story to other more qualified bloggers and media and no one responded to me, except Jay Tea from Wizbang who told me to never contact him again, but apologized after reading my post. Will you apologize Michelle?

Third, When he was 17 and 18 years old, Michelle can you prove when the IMs were made and can you prove that they have not been altered by anyone before they were published by ABC NEWS? No you can not. If you will look at the IMs you will notice that the time stamps are not in sequential order and ABC NEWS does not even provide a date stating when the emails were made.

Fourth, "obliterate the young man's privacy" he is 21 now! He is a public figure if it is found that the young man as you like to call him was 18 during all of the IMs or has made the whole thing up will you defend Mark Foley's right to privacy? I said in my post several times I think Mark Foley is a scum bag and if he is found guilty should have the book thrown at him.

Fifth, "The young man was the prey, not the predator." Can you prove that Michelle? No you cannot. When the investigation is complete and I might have to testify in front of the House Ethics Committee then we will know for sure if the young man, as you put it, is in fact prey. Foley is disgusting for what he did, but there are too many questions left unanswered for you to claim to know my motive and pretend to know the truth.

I believe you Michelle are acting more like a liberal than me by letting your feeling lead you to wild conclusions that you can not back up and impugning my character in the process. I still have respect for you and believe your writing has inspired me over the years to stand up for what is right and that is getting out the truth. I know that is what I did and I hope someday you can see that also.

Now Michelle Malkin, say my name Wild Bill of Passionate America and try and remember that I am the guy that likes to back up my facts with screenshots just incase someone decides to say I made up my evidence. Below are the screenshots of my comment posted at Hot Air on October 8, 2006 at 2:47 AM on this post.

Click to enlarge

Hot Air comment top

Hot Air comment bottom

I have received so much support over the last few days, everyone please email Michelle Malkin at writemalkin-at-gmail-dot-com and let her know that it would be a smart move on her part to respond to me and give a real reason why she did what she did. Michelle like I said before I respect you I just believe something other than the truth was influencing your decision. I came clean to the world, can you come clean with me?

Update: Still no response for Michelle Malkin, Common Sense Junction understands my side and takes Michelle to task in this post, A Potpourri Of DoubleSpeak.

Update #2: My friend Terry Dillard comes to my aid, Standing Up for Wild Bill. Thank you Terry.

Update #3: More support coming from Big Dog and Spree, go over to their sites and read what they had to say.

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