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Sunday, October 08, 2006

"Wild Bill" You are Amazing!!! Kudo's for your work!!!!

I recieved this email and thought I would share it with you:

Dear Mr. Kerr,

I am a citizen of Oklahoma City, and like most people in our nation, I have been following the Foley scandal on a daily basis. I was led to your blog "Passionate America" via an article published by the Oklahoman, News channel 9 and on

I must say Mr. Kerr, I am thoroughly impressed. Impressed so much it compelled me to write you this letter. Wow, was my initial reaction and thoughts when I read the blog pertaining to the identity of the page, who's IM's were published on ABC News. I was so taken aback and amazed at your ability to find such info. I mean I really do not think that even my 9 year old could of done a better job, really its not like this sort of thing is done by millions everyday. Curiosity had now taken hold and I just couldn't stop, I dug further, I read everything, your blog, your comments, your profile, and let me tell you I learned a lot.

You Mr. Kerr are a manipulative genius! Why, would I say such a thing, you ask. Well by all means let me explain! When I was reading those IMs and all the other information you posted on you blog, my heart instinctively went out to Jordan Edmund. I mean how mortifying is it to have such a personal, explicit thing be publicly displayed for all to view. How could anyone in the name of journalism, or mankind be so cruel? Really what does it take? What drives someone to publicly humiliate an innocent victim? I say innocent victim, because it has not been PROVEN otherwise, that Jordan Edmund is anything but just that, INNOCENT! Think about it, I mean really think about it. How would you feel, your family, your children, what if it was your child? How would it really be to be in Jordan Edmunds place right at this very moment?................... Let's ponder that for a moment, shall we? Think about the embarrassment, the humility, the fear, of just knowing that you were subjected as a child to a mortifying experience and now the whole world knows your face. It's almost like those dream sequences you see in the movies you know the ones where you standing in front of a crowd doing whatever only to realize that you are naked, and vulnerable. Do you not have a conscious bone in you body? Wait, no you don't. You didn't have a conscious at that proverbial moment you stumbled across that impeccable mistake, this was you lucky break, your chance to pull yourself out of the stinking pit of self pity, your chance to be somebody, a chance to rise above and beyond a meager blogsite, and small time internet radio. "Look out and move over Rush Limbaugh! William "Wild Bill" Kerr is the new kid in town and he's kicking ass now, and taking names later"

In the beginning of this letter I stated, you impressed me, would you like to know how? I am impressed by the fact, that after all the angry responses and threats made to you and your family by the public; you managed to turn the tables. Well at least you think you did! You convinced some schmuck at the Daily Oklahoman that you were nothing, and that your intentions were not to gain fame and fortune, you had struggled, and made bad choices in the past, you were just using this opportunity to try and better life for yourself and your family. You were just following your dream, after so many years of thinking your couldn't. You threw yourself one hell of a pity party in that article. However; this is not what angers me the most. What angers me the most what is just down right disgusting is that by claiming you and your family are so poor that you live off of one income and have to use food stamps, all for the sake of your children! Ha! I am appalled, disgusted, I am pissed, it is my tax dollars that are supporting you and your so called internet pipedream. "To keep my kids out of daycare", so you claim to be a stay at home dad, but in reality your too busy writing your blog, and hosting you internet radio show, how can you deem yourself a respectable man in society? You rely on your wife, to provide for you and your family, yet you can't even contribute to the table you eat off of! You state, "We may go broke, but my kids won't go to daycare". I myself am not a stranger to the word struggle, I have lived that life. I was a single mom, I needed and used food stamps, and I had to send my kids to daycare. I also got a job; I worked hard, and did everything in my power to ensure my children a life they deserved, a good life. Not once, did I ever abuse the system to achieve this, I am successful today, not by bringing down someone else, nor by using tax dollars to fund my dreams, but by hard work! Wow, there's a concept! How easy is that? Its not easy, never is, still isn't, but at least I am proud! You my friend are a sorry excuse for a human being, nice try way to grope at the heart strings of Oklahoma and the media. You poor thing, you take the heat, and your wife and children are all starving and for what? Your pursuit of Justice, give me a break!

You have publicly slandered and defamated the character of a complete stranger. A victim of a sex scandal, that occurred when this person was a child, and all for your own personal gain. What about Jordan Edmunds career, his life did you think about that? No I don't think so. You said so yourself, you stated that it wasn't for the money, but you just hoped it would get you a better radio job. As far as I am concerned, you have ruined those chances. Every profession comes with a set of morals and ethics, albeit some lower than others. You however; have gone well below the standard. I find it funny that you are oblivious to your own hypocrisy, you rant about telling the truth and how politics are tainted, but you stoop to that level. In my eyes as a republican, a mother, and citizen you are now side by side with Mark Foley. What you have done does not exemplify compassion, nor does it honor America! You sir are nothing more than a boil on the ass of evil, I hope this moment haunts you for the rest of your life. I hope Jordan Edmund sues you for everything you may or may not have, I hope when your judgment day comes, you look back and are ashamed and remorseful for what you have done.

You call yourself a conservative, you state you believe in the truth! You may have uncovered the fact that Jordan Edmund was linked to those IMs, but you had no right to go public with it. Your sordid opinions have now averted the attention from where it should be, on Mark Foley! This isn't about the victims and whether or not they asked for it, they were kids. The fact remains the same Mark Foley is a sick individual, who has disgraced himself, his family and these children. He should be punished it should be him that is smeared all over the papers and television, not these kids!!! Oh yeah, don't give me the crap that they are no longer minors, it doesn't change the fact that at the time they were, and in no way asked for this.

My advise to you Mr. Kerr is exactly this, go to school educate yourself, get a real job, quit subjecting your family to your ignorant opinions, quit milking the system to help fund your ignorance, quit mooching off your wife and using your children as an excuse not to stand up and take your place as a father, a husband, a man! Really consider the consequences of your actions before you apply them, learn to write the facts, and when you do publish your opinions, don't run and hide behind your poor lifestyle. Don't expect us, to feel sorry for you, that lifestyle was your choice not ours. Go buy a book about morals, and learn it! Learn that exposing somebody, and humiliating them for nothing more than personal gain is not only wrong but unforgivable. Get a little Jesus in you life, but mostly watch your back! God doesn't like ugly and what comes around goes around. If I were you I would start praying for forgiveness and writing that public apology to Jordan Edmund and his family now! Last but not least, remember that everyone has friends in low places. Good day to you Mr. Kerr.


L. Kingston Oklahoma City, Ok

And this was my response:

Nice idea, but you are wrong, I suspect that you have a big problem with the fact that I said I do not want to put my kids in daycare. If you would like to meet me in person I will meet you anytime you would like and sit down and talk to you and answer any questions you might have. I could take the time to point out your errors in judgment in the email but it would not convince you of who I am. Please email me back and we can arrange a meeting at your connivance.

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