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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Wild Bill: Where have you been?

I'm back,

The liberals got into my wife's head and she kicked me out. But I'm back home now. I guess the Femi-Nazi brainwashing shit(I wanna be independent, I don't need a man) only applies while there are no jars to open, or bugs to kill, or bills to be paid, or dragons to be slayed.

So she told me that she didn't think we were going to work out and I should leave. The next day, I get a phone call that I need to watch the kids so she can go to work, (Work to a woman=a place to meet guys) When she found out that I would not be a babysitter anymore, she called DHS (Department of Human Services). DHS could not help her with daycare, so she called me and got pissy saying that if I would not watch the kids while she went to work (to flirt with guys) she was gonna call the police and say I had abondoned the family. That's was the first time I had heard her say the word family in two years. I told her, "You kicked me out! I didn't abondoned the family, you abondoned the family, I am not a babysitter, I am your husband, I am our kids father.) I told her that she would have to treat me different before I came home. So after a few days off from her job, because she did not have anyone to watch the kids, she decides that she wants to treat me better. So I am back, hopfully this time for good.

Update: I will be back to regular hard core posting on monday, after I re-hook up the hi-speed and the wirless network at my house. I kind of discountected it all when I was told to leave.
Update #2: My wife read this post, and got a little upset. She doesn't want me to write about our pesonal life. So just to clarify, I am having personal problems so please disregard the rest of this post.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Russia: one plane has crashed another missing!

One plane in confirmed down and another missing in Russia. Russian officials are investigating whether this is an act of TERRORISM. Russian Plane Crashes, Another Said Lost.

Check back for updates. I will stay on top of this story.

Update (8/24 6:59PM): Reports of fire and smoke where the second plane dropped of the radar.
Here is more on the story from Fox News.

Update: Suspect being held in Church Couple Killings

Could this be the Murder?

Two days ago I reported on the story about Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall, a couple murdered while they were sleeping on a beach in California. I asked the question, "Have The First Shots Been Fired In The Second Civil War?"

Here is an interesting quote by Karen Scarseth the mother of the possible murderer Nicholas Scarseth:

"He'll go down to the bars where he knows where the jocks hang out and he sticks out like a sore thumb, so he knows he can irritate them," she said. "He brings up religion and politics to irritate people. He likes to stir people up."

I will bet money the politics Nicholas Scarseth brings up to irritate people is not Pro-Bush or Pro-Conservative politics. To all of my conservative blogger friends that do not think lefties will use guns if there is a Second Civil War, I think we might be seeing one of the first exceptions to that rule. Once again, I must say loudly, "I DO NOT WANT A SECOND CIVIL WAR!" I am concerned that hatred for Bush and Conservative's is at an all time high and I think that it will take a few small incidents to turn the lefts hatred into wide spread violence. If you do not agree with me, fine. I am just stating what I believe is evidence of the growing divide between the right and the left.

Here are the latest news stories about this murder:

Today the police have a suspect, "Police name person of interest in counselors' murder".
Another report says, "Police seek Wisconsin man for questioning in camp deaths"

Here is a blogger that was friends with the murdered couple. There is a lot of personal info about Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall at this blog.

This is a terrible tragedy, I hope the families of Jason Allen, and Lindsay Cutshall can find peace.

Ladies Night

Found this hot pic at Conservative Air

Kerry: "Bring it on, no STOP!"

Profiles in Courage: Found this at Cerdipity

Zell Miller yells, "SWITCH?"


Zell Miller to go Republican?— John Little from Blogs of Wars
Rumors are flying:

Congressman David Dreier was just on Hugh Hewitt’s show and told the audience that there’s a rumour floating around that Zell Miller will formally change his party affiliation to Republican when he gives the keynote address at the Republican National Convention next week.
- Ipse Dixit

I've been waiting for this to happen. Do you think it will?

Truth about Taxes Video

Hey Liberals, you say you want to hear the truth? Here are the facts about Taxes. Watch the facts about taxes video.

*** Feelings Hurt Alert ***

Red Marks hurt my wittle feelings!

Some psychologists and teachers say purple ink is less intimidating than red on a corrected school paper. (Globe Staff Photo / Lane Turner)

Harshness of red marks has students seeing purple
Boston Globe

When it comes to correcting papers and grading tests, purple is emerging as the new red.

"If you see a whole paper of red, it looks pretty frightening," said Sharon Carlson, a health and physical education teacher at John F. Kennedy Middle School in Northampton. "Purple stands out, but it doesn't look as scary as red." (read more...)

Barking Moonbat has more

How ridiculous does it have to get before we stand up and say ENOUGH? Are you scared by the color RED?


Dipsy, Tinky Winky, La La, Poe, and John-boy

Found this at Lundeen Calling.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Monkey Business

Damn if monkeys can get some what am I doing wrong?


These guys didn't serve with George either!

Found This at Neal Boortz

Liberal Rules 101

More and more Liberals are visiting this website. Therefore, I thought I would help teach them how to be better Liberals. I have decided to teach a class in Liberalism for my Liberal brothers, sisters, brothers that would rather be called sisters, and sisters that would rather be called brothers. Class is in session. Is everyone seated? Let’s begin.

Liberal Rules 101:
  1. Everything is Bush's Fault!
  2. When a Liberal is caught in a lie, remember Rule #1.
  3. Call anyone that does not believe what we say: evil, Hitler, Bush, warmonger, rich, white, or part of the Vast Right Winged Conspiracy!
  4. Being rich makes you evil unless you are a Liberal, a trail lawyer, and/or sell Ketchup!
  5. Only Liberals are tolerant, open-minded, nuanced. Everyone else is a puppet of their Zion master George W. Bush.
  6. Do not answer a question with a yes or no answer; only answer yes or no questions with another question.
  7. Bush forced all 254 Swift Boat Veterans for Truth to Lie about John Kerry. No matter what you did during Vietnam, as long as you are a Liberal you are a Hero.
  8. Bush lied! We have no proof of any lies he told, but you know he lied because he is Bush!
  9. Bush is stupid! Even thou he made better grades at Harvard than Al Gore he is still stupid because he is from Texas.
  10. It is not the outcome that matters, only the effort.
  11. When the going gets tough, (see Rule #1.)
  12. Never teach a person to fish, because when they can feed themselves they will no longer need Liberals to steal fish from rich people for them. If people figure out that they can provide for themselves they will no longer vote for us.
  13. The War On TERROR is just an excuse for Evil Rich White people to kill innocent Muslims so they can steal their oil.
  14. Liberals do not have to do anything to get the majority of the black vote; we only have to call everyone that is not a Liberal a Racist.
  15. As long as we control what is taught in public schools and colleges we will continue to win elections. Appose school vouchers, because if people can choose who will teach their children we will lose votes.
  16. Al Gore won the popular vote in the 2000 presidential election. That means he should be president. The Electoral College was a plot by our slave owning founding fathers to put Bush into the White House.
  17. Everything America has done is bad. However, if an evil conservative asks you why you believe this tell them, "I Love America!"
  18. John Kerry will be a better President than Bush because he is not Bush!
  19. Abortion is Pro-Choice, but the death penalty is murder!
  20. Bush declared war on Iraq unilaterally, the other members of the Coalition are not important.
  21. We should decrease America's dependency on foreign oil, but we should appose all drilling in America.
  22. Rush Limbaugh is a rich fat liar, but Michael Moore is not fat rich or a liar. Michael Moore is God.
  23. We do not believe in God, but if there is a God, it is Michael Moore.
  24. Abstinence is an evil conservative plot to keep Liberals from teaching kids to sleep with anyone they want.
  25. Why work hard for what you get when you can take it from rich people through taxes or win the lottery.
  26. Islam is a peaceful religion, the only reason that some Muslims want to kill all of us is because Bush pissed them off.
  27. Terror warnings are a way for Republicans to scare Americans into voting for Bush and to divert attention away from Iraq, John Kerry, or anything else that Liberals are trying to get attention for.
  28. If America is attacked again (see Rule#1) and claim that the government knew and they should have warned the American people.
  29. Tax cuts are bad for America, except for when John F. Kennedy cut taxes.
  30. Republicans hate gay people, Keep saying this to everyone you meet so we can get the gay vote.
  31. Anyone that is against gay marriage is a homophobe, even though gay people can get married just like every other American.
  32. Everyone should be treated equal unless they are a straight white male and/or conservative.
  33. If you are a member of a minority (by minority we mean anyone that is not a white male and or conservative) you should be given special treatment when applying for a job, unless you trying to get a job in Hollywood.
  34. Never say what you mean or mean what you say, it leaves no wiggle room if later you find out what you said is wrong.
  35. The media is not biased, except for talk radio and Fox News.

That is all for today class. Please join us next week when we will continue the your liberal studies.

Kids, Don't Play Doge Ball You Might Get Hurt!

Kids, Don't Play Doge Ball You Might Get Hurt!

Remember the games we played at school? Tag, full tackel footbal, cops and robbers, and dodgeball these are the game we grew up playing. Thanks to trial lawers, sueing parents, and scared schools kids can not longer play contact sport at school. Wow, sounds like the lefties really do want a make a better America. An America where it is not proper to touch another person when you are playing a game, but its just fine to teach kids how to put a condom on a cucumber in school.

What is worse a game of dodgeball or a game of put the condom on the cucumber?

Pot, Another Reason To Vote For Kerry

Pot, Another Reason To Vote For Kerry!

This idiot is going to vote for Kerry, maybe you should too. With friends like this John Kerry is sure to win, if they are not to stoned to go and vote.

More pothead's for Kerry news, Think pot smokers are not dangerous read this!

If you are a pot smoker, will you put down the bong long enough to vote?

N. Korea Thinks Bush is Hitler!

If the Left and North Korea think Bush is Hitler then it must be true. North Korea compares Bush to Hitler. and another story, North Korea says Bush worse than Hitler

Why does the left say much of the same things TERRORIST say?

Janet: Bush Used My BOOB

Bush Used My Boob

Janet "The Ho" Jackson is claiming that "The Bush White House Used My Boob To Distract From Iraq!"

Is Justin Timberlake an undercover GOP oprative?

Sunday, August 22, 2004 2004 Readers' Choice Awards 2004 Readers' Choice Awards. Vote for you favorite blog today. If you don't know who to vote for please vote for

click to vote for Passionate America!

Have The First Shots Been Fired In The Second Civil War?

Have the first shots in the Second Civil War been fired? On August 10, I posted a story called, "Could There be a Second Civil War?" Now I am wondering if the first shots have been fired.

Sunday, August 22, 2004
JENNER, Calif. — Authorities in this picturesque coastal town continued searching for clues Saturday in the shooting deaths of a young couple, and some residents said they feared for their own safety....Police have identified no suspects and no motive in the deaths of Lindsay Cutshall (search), 23, and Jason Allen (search), 26, a devoutly religious couple who were to be married next month. (more...)

Now you are probably saying, "What does this have to do with A Second Civil War!" The next news story might give you a better idea as to why I believe this could be just the beginning.

Murder of Camp Counselors May Have Been Hate Crime

Sat Aug 21, 2004 07:51 PM ET

By Barbara Grady

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A young couple shot in their heads as they slept on a remote California beach may have been killed because of their evangelical Christian religious beliefs, police said on Saturday. (

I believe the term 'Hate Crime' is stupid and believe every murder is a hate crime, but that is not the important thing about this story. Police are also checking into the possibility that these murders may be related to a murder in Scottsdale AZ. This might be a result of a serial killer that is targeting Christians and people of faith.

It is widely known that the ACLU, a liberal attack group, has targeted Christian faith in and across America. They have successfully waged war on religion in schools and in government. Under the guise of Separation of Church and State, (which is nowhere in the Constitution,) the ACLU has almost totally removed any reference to God from anything outside of the Church doors. The ACLU pretends that they are not targeting any particular religion, but they do not file cases against the Muslim religion.

Now what does the ACLU have to do with this, possibly nothing or it is possible that their war against the Christian religion has inspired hatred of Christians that has evolved into the motives behind this possible serial killer. Am I accusing the ACLU of murder? Absolutely not! The person that shot these Christian campers is the one responsible for murder. I do think that if it turns out these Christians were murdered because of their religion, the serial killer will probably be a crazy left-wing activist that hates the Christian religion.

It is possible that these murders are TERROR related or just an evil individual that gets his/her kicks out of shooting people that were sleeping. Let us hope I am wrong. Several angry Liberals have sent me hate mail accusing me of advocating a Second Civil War. I believe their hate-filled emails are a clear indication of just how dangerous the hate in Liberal circles has become. Many of my conservative friends have said there is no chance of a Second Civil War because liberals do not like guns. Nevertheless, it looks like someone likes shooting Christian people as they sleep, and it is just my opinion, but I bet the killer is not a conservative.
What do you think?

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Teresa: John's Not Qualified to be President

Democrats do not have to listen to me when I say, “John Kerry Is Not Qualified To Be President!" Democrats do not have to look any further than John Fn Kerry's own Ketchup Queen Teresa Heinz Kerry to hear how unqualified their candidate is. Teresa claims that NOBODY is qualified to be President. Nobody includes the biggest nobody of all, John 'All 250 of the Swift Boat Veterans Are Liars' Kerry! Did Teresa forget to take her meds or did she lose her mind while she was giving birth to children from Mars? Well I must be a bored person to write stories like this! Ha Ha right back at yah Teresa.

Dear Teresa, I am opinionated too! Are you the only person (because you are a woman) that has the right to express their opinion?

Friday, August 20, 2004


Thanks to 40something for this link

Chris 'A-Hole' Matthews Lies about Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin was on Hardball with Chris 'A-Hole' Matthews. Why do I call him an A-Hole? Read "AMBUSH JOURNALISM...OR MY EVENING WITH CAVEMAN CHRIS MATTHEWS" at Chris 'Caveman' Matthews you are now on my hit list!

Michelle was on Rush's Show today to talk to him about the incident on Hardball. Michelle said Chris Matthews's crew stole her copy of "UnFit for Command" from her dressing room. Rush played the clips of Michelle on Hardball. I can not belive the way 'A-Hole' Matthews treated Michelle. She was schedualed for two segments, one on her book and one on The Swift Boat story. Chris Matthews is a lair. He accused Michelle Malkin of being a spokesman for the Bush Campiagn. That is a lie. Michelle told Rush she belives the name of Chris's show should be changed to SLIMEBALL.

Chris Matthews is an 'IDIOT'. How in the hell is he going to trash Michelle about The Swift Boat story when he addmittidly has never read the book, "Unfit For Command." Chris has posted on his blog:

From HardBlogger:

August 19, 2004:

On tonight's interview with Michelle Malkin (Chris Matthews)

One of my jobs on 'Hardball' is to cut through to the truth. Tonight on 'Hardball,' one of our guests pushed the idea that John Kerry had won his Purple Heart by deliberately shooting himself. The charge was without merit and baseless, as our guest under close questioning herself admitted.

We'll keep covering the political issues and will stand up against any attempt to broadcast misinformation.

(Click here to read the transcript to Thursday's show.)

Lets show our appretiation to Michelle Malkin buy buying her new book "In Defense of Internment." I am buying another copy of her book today. And as for Chris Matthews, he can kiss my ass.
In Defense of Internment by Michelle Malkin

Support Michelle Malkin, buy her book today!

Blogging about this story:

Patterico's Pontifications

The Spoons Experience
Left Coast Conservative "Flush The Johns 2004" "Flush Sandy Burglar 2004"
Ramblings' Journal
Captain's Quarters

Kerry is a LIAR!

Here is a challange to all the "Anybody but Bush Voters." Do you hate Bush because he is a liar? If you belive Bush is a liar then name one lie Bush has stated as fact. Just one lie and be able to back it up.

Everyone that is voting for Bush, please post a lie that Kerry has told. Lets see which list is longer and which lies can be proven.

Vote now! Who is the LIAR? Bush or Kerry?

Diet Report Cards

My brother over at Personal Rantings of a Jackass wrote this story for me, but I thought it needed to be posted for everyone.

Diet report cards

My family and I just moved back to Oklahoma after being in Arkansas for the past four years. In Arkansas the public school system had begun ‘diet report cards.’ They weigh and measure students every year and compare to the previous year’s numbers and report on obesity trends. This in itself could lead to the state taking your children away because you have become a ‘bad influence’ on your child’s health. The big giant hypocrisy is that the state is the one feeding the junk food to my kids! All the ‘fruit’ that the state puts on the kids lunch tray is in heavy syrup, chocolate milk, and don’t forget all the carbs they pour on to our children’s plates. My son is a diabetic (he is carb-intolerant) and he controls this disease by his diet, one year the school nurse called DHS and filed an abuse claim against my wife and I because we are feeding him school food. Think about that one for a while. This double standard is not needed in Oklahoma I promise you.

Socialism is gaining more influence over how you parent your child/children each day. What can we do to stop government intrusion into our parental responsibilities?

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Passionate America Debunks Liberal Lies

Wild Bill's Passionate America Debunks Kerry-Edwards Campaign Lies; This Ad Sets the Record Straight About Kerry

For Immediate Release

Midwest City, OK - In response to the false and dishonest attack ad from Democrat supporters of Senator John Fn Kerry, the Bush-Cheney campaign released a new television ad to set the record straight, featuring former Swift-boat Veterans testifying to John Kerry's distortions and possible dishonorable service in Vietnam. In the ad, real Vietnam war heroes relive the events they claim John Kerry is distorting. The 30-second spot is airing on the internet at to counter the untruthful claims by Kerry.

John Kerry served two tours of duty during Vietnam, during which he was questionably awarded three Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star with Combat V and a Silver Star (Which he will tell you about every five minutes but lied about throwing them away.) The Democratic attack group that has produced the false negative assault on George Bush's service is not interested in the truth, they just hate Bush. The truth is that official United States National Guard reports document George W. Bush's service in The Air National Guard, and these Democrats, with help from the Kerry attack machine's biggest patrons, have attacked the integrity of the Commander in Chief and all who served on the Swift Boats.

Kerry's crewmates have responded to these attacks with the truth - they were on the Swift boats next to Kerry and they know what happened. "John Kerry has not been honest about what happened in Vietnam," said George Elliot. Van O'Dell said, "John Kerry lied to get his bronze star... I know, I was there, I saw what happened." Bob Hildreth said, "I served with John Kerry...John Kerry cannot be trusted."

"[John Kerry's] account of what happened and what actually happened are the difference between night and day," said Jack Chenoweth. Admiral Hoffman said this of Kerry, "John Kerry has not been honest." Admiral Hoffman continued with, "And he lacks the capacity to lead."

Democrat lies about George Bush's record will not stop him from fighting for what is right for all Americans: The War On Terror, Personal Responsibility for your own actions, the need for Americans to create their own high paying jobs, The reason health care costs so much (trial lawyers) - the very issues the Kerry Campaign will never answer with a clear answer.

A Lying Liberal attack group called "" is trying to smear George W. Bush's Air National Guard service and the reputations of other Bush Administration Officials. This group of Bush Haters, "" is not interested in the truth - and they're not telling the truth. Thirty years ago, official National Guard reports documented George W. Bush time in the Air National Guard. Thirty-five years ago, this was the truth, and it is still the truth today.

This truth knows no party labels. In fact, Democrat Senator Zel Miller will speak at the Republican National Convention in support of George W. Bush Senator Miller says, "I support George W. Bush for President of United States." Kerry still refuses to show up for 70% of Senate Votes--when he does show up he does not do anything anyway.

Wild Bill made a commitment today to the readers of this message. He said, "Democrat lies will not go unchallenged." The readers of Passionate America deserve to hear the lies coming from the left, and that is why Wild Bill will continue to expose the truth.
Hmmm does this sound familar? You can find the lying Democrat version of this same release here.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash

The rumor of a Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash movie has been spreading for a few years. Fox News today is reporting that the rumor might be becoming a reality.

The Star Online has a story that says:

The studio is determined to continue the franchise even if the deal falls through, possibly by introducing a new character to go against Freddy and Jason.

The Creature Corner has one of the first stories about the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash rumor. debunks the rumor (8/21/2003)

E! Online News has on of the most up-to-date pages about the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash movie.

Personal Crisis!

I am having a personal crisis. I will be back late tonight to continue my expedition into the blogsphere. While I'm gone check out the rest of the site for all of my latest posts. I will decide before I begin posting tonight, just how much of my personal crisis to share with the readers of this blog. Wish me luck; I'm gonna need it.

Funny Kerry Pictures

Funny Kerry Pictures

Thanks to Barking Moobats for these Funny Kerry Pictures!

Passionate America home page

Kerry Chicken Movie

I stopped laughing long enough to put up this post. Thanks to Drumwaster's Rants! who found this because of a Troll on

Kerry Chicken Movie!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004 presents the Kerry Flip Flop Olympics!

Could al Qaeda Nukes Be in America!

In the February, issue of the Passionate America Newsletter. I wrote a story about the possibility of al Qaeda having suitcase Nukes, possibly inside the US. I ran across an article on Men’s News Daily by Jim Manion called The Tea Leaves on Recent Terror Warnings - Nukes In Our Midst. This article is a must read.

What would happen if al Qaeda could kill 4 million Americans (mostly Republicans?) Would we postpone the elections, or would the Democrats win because of an attack that targets Republicans?

Joe Mariani's Ten Suggestions for a Sensitive War on Terror

Found these 10 Suggestions for a Sensitive War on Terror on Neal Boortz's website.

Ten Suggestions for a Sensitive War on Terror

Joe Mariani

Presidential hopeful John Kerry has been telling the American people that he would fight a "better" war against terror, but not exactly how. At the UNITY 2004 conference for minority journalists, Kerry stated, "I believe I can fight a more effective, more thoughtful, more strategic, more proactive, more sensitive war on terror that reaches out to other nations and brings them to our side and lives up to American values in history." (This was the same conference, by the way, at which the neutral, non-partisan journalists broke out in wild cheers and whistling for Kerry, but heckled Bush as he spoke the very next day. But remember, folks, there's no media bias!)

I wondered just how one would fight a "sensitive" war against the kind of subhuman slime who cut the heads off innocent victims on videotape. Kerry has offered few specifics on his plan for fighting terror, aside from forming a "real coalition" of nations (a massive slight on the British, Italians, Poles, Australians, Japanese, Spanish, and dozens of others who have been with us in both Afghanistan and Iraq, if you ask me). He has said he sees fighting terrorism as "primarily an intelligence and law enforcement operation." On his web site, Kerry's plan for making America safer consists mainly of tracking terrorists once they arrive, "hardening targets," and making sure first responders have what they need to clean up the carnage after the terrorists strike. Apparently, the lack of mess is supposed to discourage them. Nothing about preventing them from coming here in the first place, of course... nothing about letting them know it's not going to be worth the price. Nothing about stopping the nations which support them from doing so, by either diplomatic or military pressure. That sort of thing just isn't done, it seems.

In any case, it looks as though John Kerry needs help coming up with specific ways in which he can fight a more thoughtful and sensitive war on terror. In the spirit of cooperation, I'd like to suggest the following helpful list...

10. Stop calling it a "war." Rename it to the "Protest Against Terror." Protests always get people's attention and let them know that what you're protesting against is wrong.

9. Use softer bullets. Metal bullets hurt the terrorists, and that makes them hate us more.

8. Perhaps President Kerry can invite Osama bin Laden to the White House for a "cuddling party" with Kerry/Edwards. Nothing makes friends faster than a good cuddle.

7. Only go to war if the French and the UN say it's okay. Everyone knows how skillful the French are at dealing with other nations, and the UN has proven time and again its efficacy in dealing with terrorists.

6. Pull the troops out of Iraq within six months, but stay the course and even send more troops. If you have to ask, it's too nuanced for you.

5. Gently but firmly remind the terrorists that he was in Vietnam for four months thirty-five years ago. They won't dare pull anything then.

4. Ensure government owned and operated health care for all Americans, paid for with higher taxes. Terrorists won't bother to attack if they know all Americans have health care; it won't do any good then.

3. Stop eating pork and cover the women. Don't let them read or vote. That will show the terrorists that we understand them and appreciate their culture.

2. Don't call them "terrorists." They feel bad enough about our bullying, abusive foreign policy as it is. Call them "armed peace demonstrators." They'll feel more... peaceful.

1. Don't send soldiers; send social workers. All they really need is love and understanding.

"Armed" with these suggestions, I'm sure John Kerry will be able to convince the terrorists to stop hating us in no time, should he win November's election. As for me... I'll be in the mountains building a bunker.

Do you have any other suggestions for John Kerry on how to fight a more sensitive war?

Walter Cronkite Infers That Bloggers Might Be Sued

In a Reuters News Article the retiring Walter Cronkite says, "I am dumbfounded that there hasn't been a crackdown with libel and slander laws on some of the would-be writers and reporters on the Internet. I expect that to develop in the fairly near future."

I am scared now! There coming to take me away. To the funny farm where life is good. Ha Ha. I guess having an opinion and wanting to express your opinion should be only the right of newspapers and the news media.

I will just have to blog more now. I might have to defend myself in court in the near future according to Mr. Cronkite. Bloggers Beware!

Have any fellow bloggers on the internet been sued or treatened to be sued?

Monday, August 16, 2004

Get Your Kerry War Hero before Traitor Shirt!

John Kerry voted for the 87 billon before he voted against it. Get the T-Shirt that says, "I was a WAR HERO, before I was a TRAITOR!" The perfect gift for any Passionate American! Buy the Kerry TRAITOR T-Shirt today!

Funny Ha Ha of the day!

Hat tip to 40Something for directing me to this funny post at ScrappleFace

Bush Declares End to Occupation of Germany

(2004-08-16) -- President George Bush today announced that the United States would begin "drawing down" its military forces in Germany, signaling the impending end of the U.S. occupation of post-Third Reich Germany and thus the official end of World War II.

"The dictator is gone and it's time for the German people to chart their own course," said Mr. Bush. "Their land is now safe for democracy and our mission is accomplished."

Meanwhile, Democrat presidential candidate John Forbes Kerry said he would have voted to give authority to the president to remove troops from Germany, "but I oppose the way the president is going about it."

"It's good that the dictator is gone, and that World War II is over" said Mr. Kerry, who is also a U.S. Senator, "but does the president have a plan to win the peace?"

So if it took us 50 Something years to leave Germany, How many years will we be in Iraq?

Adopt A Sniper by Michelle Malkin

Cute asian blogger Michelle Malkin

reprinted from Michelle Malkin's website:

By Michelle Malkin · August 16, 2004 12:37 PM

Brian Sain, a police SWAT member for 15 years who works as a detective in the Port Arthur (Texas) Police Department, has established a program to support snipers serving in the War on Terror. The goal is to "help real snipers get the real gear they need to help keep us safe." From the "Adopt a Sniper" FAQ:

Q: Why isn't the government buying these things?

A: The commitment in OEF/OEF is huge. Snipers need different and expensive gear than is required by many other troops. This can cause problems when the military tries to maintain a perfectly uniform dress code and the snipers end up doing without. The logistics of running the US military are staggering and snipers are just one small spoke in a very big wheel. We just try and relieve some of the burden from the snipers themselves and also from their families.

Q: How did this organization begin?

A: A group of SWAT snipers in the US were all too aware that they (the police snipers) often have to make do without the things they need to get their jobs done. Often misused and misunderstood, the police snipers correctly figured that the military snipers were operating under the same circumstances. The police snipers established contact with the various military sniper school cadre and began sending items they could spare right out of their own gear bags and also making personal purchases. An article on the organization later appeared in Stars and Stripes overseas. The military snipers began networking with the police snipers more and more and the rest is as they say ... history.

Q: What are the most asked for items?

A: One item of note is the Blackhawk STRIKE Commando Recon Chest harness. This item allows the sniper to wear the strike plates out of his issue body armor but remain unhindered for shooting a precision rifle. The various pouches available for the harness allow the sniper to configure his gear depending on the mission he is assigned to. Leica, Bushnell and Nikon rangefinders that work out to at least 1000 yards are often requested as are Kestrel wind meters and Safariland 6004 drop leg holsters.

Q: Is there a particular color of gear that is needed?

A: Yes. Coyote tan or desert colors are best, followed thereafter by Olive Drab and Woodland camouflage. There ARE green areas of Iraq and the snipers are given some flexibility here as to what gear they can use.

Q: I thought snipers, being specialized operators, would have everything they need. Why don't they?

A: In every war it seems that the military must re-learn the lessons of the past. The war on terror is ideally suited for the tactics of the sniper. With the convoy escorts and house to house fighting, the US military is using snipers in numbers not seen in modern history. It seems like a no-brainer but a man with a rifle that knows how to use it, is in much demand in a war. Soldiers and Marines that have not been to a formal sniper school but who shot "Expert" on the range are being issued special rifles and basically doing the same job as the school trained snipers in some cases. Adoptasniper makes no distinction between these two types of operators and offers assistance equally. We currently support snipers on each end of the spectrum; from the very well trained and equipped who normally request smaller, specialized items to the marksman soldier with little to no support that needs "everything" to do the job asked of him ... and every variant in between...

Other requested items include:

* Decent quality mini binos and mini spotting scopes
* Leica 1200 rangefinders
* Aimpoint Comp M2s
* Garmin 12SL GPS* Kestrel 4000 Weather Meters (Any is better than none)
* Mil dot masters
* Tactical Sling for DMR Rifle (M14)
* Beretta 9mm pistol magazines (preferably factory mags) or Wolff-brand replacement magazine springs for same
* Quick Disconnect Bi-Pod Adaptors - ARMS # 32 for Ned - Mention this project)
* Heavy duty foregrips for M16s

Also needed: all kinds of batteries, including AAs - Home Depot $ 13.99 for 36; 123A 3-volt Lithium; and DL13N - Duracell - a little larger than watch battery size. And, yes, snipers have requested body armor, illumination tools, Blackhawk Strike gear, gloves, goggles, carabiners, and comfort items such as powdered hot chocolate, baby wipes, Chapstick and film.

More info on what and how to donate here and here. Read letters from snipers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan here. (Hat tip: Jen Martinez.)

I think this is a great cause. What else can we do to help out?

Wild Bill Wins on!

Passionate America loves NRAnews

Wild Bill wins a contest on!

I think they are sending me a hat. I need a hat. I was the first person to send a talkback and answer the question correctly. Who was the only actor two appear in both "The Goonies" and "Gremlins"! Answer: Corey Feldman. Don't ask me why I know this. Could it be that my mind is filled with useless information?

Anyone that has a job for a person with a mind full of useless crap please email me.

New York Times Helps TERRORIST

The New York Times published the name of an al Qaeda undercover operative that was providing the US with intelligence about al Qaeda operations. Now that this undercover operatives cover has been blown many TERRORISTS the US and Britain were tracking got away. "Reporter Questioned in CIA Leak Inquiry". This site will ask you to register to read the story. Here is a name and password you can use to read the story:

name: idahogolfer
password: mustang

If this name and password do not work go to to get names and passwords that will work.

Do you think the reporter that published the CIA agent's name should be tried as a traitor?

Allah's hand in Hurricane Charley

This is an excerpt from a post on NIN:

Over recent weeks, someone has been posting fake jihadi posts, and the terrorists have had to come out and disavow the postings, which has been interesting considering that the postings say the same thing they usually do.

Sometimes the posters are clearly in fantasyland. Probably the best example that comes to mind today is the following post:

The revengeful great one has destroyed America then left it at the bottom, the hurricane photographs show the damage that was left.

In case anyone has any doubts, we are pretty certain that Hurricane Charley was NOT a terrorist action by jihadis.

Do you believe Allah punished the infidels (Americans/Jews) with Hurricane Charley?

New York Giving Free Tattoos (Ouch!)

New York giving Free Tattoos (OUCH!)

August 15, 2004 -- A 26-year-old skateboarder is scarred for life after she fell onto a red-hot Con Edison manhole cover — mere blocks from the scene of a tragic death earlier this year when a woman stepped onto an electrified Con Ed cover.

Magazine receptionist and DJ Liz Wallenberg told The Post she was skating to see friends at an East Village club early Wednesday when she hit a bump in the road at 13th Street and Second Avenue.

"I landed with my arm and back straight onto the metal cover," Wallenberg said. "I noticed it was kind of hot, but I didn't realize how bad it was until my skin started to sizzle." Read the rest of the story.

What is your stupidest or most painful injury?

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Ben Vanderford Beheading Hoax Co-Producer Robert Martin's Comment On Passionate Ameirca

***Passionate America Exclusive***

Robert Martin, the co-producer of the Benjamin Vanderford Beheading Hoax commented today on the Passionate American website. The video shows Ben Vanderford's fake beheading. Below is the comment that was posted on Passionate America in response to the "San Fran Man Beheading Hoax" story I posted on Saturday, August 7, 2004.

Just like all morons the people on here are pigeonholing Ben, Robbie, and Laurie to be Liberal.

I understand why people do ths, it makes it easier for the event of the fake beheading easier to fit into their predetermined world view.
Them being "liberal" explains it all.
Even an article floating around online calls ben a "liberal whack job"
some would find it funny that ben is a Conservative !
He leans more towards republican than any other politcal party.

Its hilarious for me to continue reading incorrect posts about Ben. Especially people who think he was protesting the war. This is completely not true. He is merely stating a believable thing in the video as if he were a real hostage.

Typical partisan people always having to simplify things. It's ok i forgive you i understand the always having to think "black & white", and never grey. I know its hard sometimes to think in the grey isnt it?

The troops? How have we effected them?

If anything this video makes the terrorists cause less impacting

Everybody here is all talk. You guys would't hurt a fly. I love these bloggers who talk "Shit" about real people. But if confronted with a fight in real life would piss their pants.
Especially the pathetic pussy who runs this site.
Are you in the bay areA? I'd like to meet you in real life so you could give me a "good talking too"


I am the co-producer robert martin

The comment states, “Ben is a Conservative!” What a joke. I believe when I checked his website he was running on the Green party ticket. The original website has been removed so I cannot verify at this time that Benjamin Vanderford was running on the Green Party ticket. (If anyone has copies of the original website please send them to me.) The new website Record Label Records makes Ben Vanderford into a star. Here is a quote from the front page of the website, “Record Label Records artist Great White Hype (Ben Vanderford) stars in and co-directs phony beheading video with Fluorescent Grey (Jacob Jarnigon/Robert Martin).” These guys still do not understand WHAT THEY DID WAS WRONG! In an Updated Press Release from the RLR website, these CATSBRAINS try to garner sympathy for themselves by shifting the blame from their deplorable behavior. Who are the real horrible people here? According to these idiots, it is the news media (specifically Fox News), Geraldo Rivera (I still do not understand this delineation) and “Typical partisan people always having to simplify things” (I believe they are referring to me and other Americans that were outraged by this video.) At the end of Robert Martin’s comment to Wild Bill at Passionate America he says, and I quote,

Everybody here is all talk. You guys would't hurt a fly. I love these bloggers who talk "Shit" about real people. But if confronted with a fight in real life would piss their pants.
Especially the pathetic pussy who runs this site.
Are you in the bay areA? I'd like to meet you in real life so you could give me a "good talking too"

Please donate to Passionate America so I can fly to San Francisco and give Robert and Ben a, “good talking too.” Hey Robert, I am not pissing my pants are you? If you really want to meet me to discuss this story donate to Passionate America and I will be on the first plane headed to San Francisco. And Robert watch whom you call a pussy.

P.S. Please donate to Passionate America for the airline ticket and give me some ideas on what I should say when I give Ben and Robert a, “good talking too!”

Update (8/15 9:15PM): Kitty from Kerry Haters has informed me that Benjamin Vanderford ran for office as an Independent cndidate. So it was not the Green Party. I was wrong. But why would a conservative run as an Independent?

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Open Thread (All Comments Fair Game)

Feel free to comment on anything and everything. To get the ball rolling, who do you think will win the election, and what will be the vote percentage for Bush and Kerry?

The Website Is Working Again!

I tried to change the look of the website earlier today, which caused a major malfunction. I have reloaded the site from a backup that seems to work ok. The only major difference is the trackbacks are gone and it has erased all of the comments on the site. I will try to reinstall trackback later. For now, I am going to take a break until around 9:00PM.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Ian Moore Live From The Cactus Cafe

Ian Moore is possibly the greatest guitarist and song writer alive. If you have not heard of Ian Moore check out his website. For the latest tour dates click here. Ian will be in Oklahoma City on October 14th. at the Greendoor in Bricktown. If you are in Oklahoma do not miss this show. This is possibly the best live show on the planet. Ian's new DVD Live From The Cactus Cafe is wonderful. I listen to it almost everyday. To buy the DVD click here.

Woman jailed for Smoking

Wild Bill smoking a cigarette. Acorrding to the Canadian smoking ad below, I will soon be impotent. If they don't throw me in jail first. Read on.

Smoking around your kids can now get you thrown in jail. Read story here. This is BS, what's next, get arrested for swearing around your damn kids? Oh crap, I'm going to jail.

John Fn Kerry, Fn Lies About Taxes!

Kerry Prays That No One Will Check His Lies!

John Fn Kerry, Lied today about the Bush tax cuts. He said, and I quote, "Over the last four years, the burden of taxes has shifted from the wealthy to the middle class, The middle class is paying more taxes." And Democrats call Bush a liar. How much father from the truth can you get? read the rest of the FoxNews story here.

Update (8/13 5:54PM): USA Today online lies about Tax burden on the middle class. Read the lies here.
More distortions and lies. From, Study: Tax Burden growing heavier for middle class. read the lie here.

The truth is that everyone that pays taxes now pays less under the Bush Tax Cuts. Also, many lower income tax payers paid no taxes under the Bush tax plan I guess the Democrats have not lied to and scared enough Americans yet.

Update ( 8/13 6:04PM): Here is Kerry's statement that was sent from the Kerry campaign to U.S. Newswire. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is lying in her press release also. Yet another press release lie by Kerry-Edwards 2004. I will keep you up to date. This press release actually says that the botton 20% got an increase in After-tax Income of 1.6% and the middle class got an increase in After-tax Income of 2.3%. The reason the top 1% percent of tax payers received a larger tax decrease is because THEY PAY THE BIGGEST PERCENT OF THE TAXES!

Update (8/13 6:31PM): Here is the CBO report (pdf file) Thanks to Blogs for Bush for the link. Jeff Cornwall has some interesting stuff check it out. Generation Why as the facts here.

Update (8/13 9:25PM): Kerry Haters has a link to this story on their site. Thanks for the coverage.

Nelly's Pimp Juice. Get your Pimp on.

I thought this was a joke. Nelly's Pim Juice! read the story at Ramblings' Journal.

Kerry would not respond to a Nuclear Attack

Pic from Allah

Story from Little Green Footballs

As John F. Kerry’s record comes under increasing scrutiny, here’s a story that illustrates his true radical pacifist nature. As Michael Dukakis’ Lieutenant Governor, Kerry authored an executive order saying the state of Massachusetts would refuse to take part in any civil defense efforts in response to a nuclear attack on America: Kerry: No Response to Nuclear Attack. (Hat tip: American Infidel.)

Lt. Gov. Kerry’s executive order on behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts read in part:

“Whereas the existing and potential strength of nuclear weapons is such that nuclear war can neither be won nor survived, it can only be prevented; and Whereas the only effective defense against the horrors of nuclear weapons lies in their elimination and in the prevention of nuclear war or attacks, [the Commonwealth of Massachusetts] shall seek to ensure the safety of its citizens by pursuit of policies reflecting a serious commitment to prevention of nuclear war.”

“Such policies,” the Kerry directive continued, “shall include education of citizens concerning the real nature of nuclear war and efforts to influence national policy towards negotiation of an end to the nuclear-arms race.”

The Kerry order stated emphatically, however: “No funds shall be expended by the Commonwealth for crisis relocation planning for nuclear war.”

Monica Conyngham, Lt. Gov. Kerry’s spokeswoman at the time, defended the controversial document, telling reporters, “We believe that [evacuation] plans are absolutely futile and that there are no safe havens from nuclear war.”

Gov. Dukakis signed Kerry’s “no nuclear defense” executive order into law on June 28, 1984.

Still feel safe with Kerry as your President?

So That's How Kerry Does It

Found this at Bush over Kerry. Original pic here.

Stupid ER Stories

This is from my brother enjoy.

Do you understand what ‘Emergency’ means?

Go get your dictionary; you know the one with the cover and the first 12 pages torn out, look up ‘emergency’. How is it then that people think a cough that you have had for three weeks suddenly constitute an emergency at 2 o’clock in the morning? A burning sensation when you pee is not an emergency especially when your date is sitting in the waiting room, you should have thought about that before you slept with that skank whore. The lump in your throat that you have had for 4 months is not an emergency. The pain in your knee that comes on the day before it rains, every time it rained for the last 25 yeas, is not an emergency. Shooting yourself in the balls while trying to shove a sawed-off shotgun in your pants is an emergency only because you need as many people as possible to know exactly how stupid you are. The only reason you brought your crying baby to the ER is that you are 16 and stupid. If you wreck your car drinking and driving, you should not go to the Emergency Room you should be chained to a stop sign so people can drive past you and throw garbage at you, stupid. Penis stuck in the tip of a glass coke bottle, funny, but not an emergency. Oh, don’t get me started on prisoners, swallowing everything they can fit in their mouth so they can go on a field trip and get out of jail for a little while. If you come to the hospital with a second-degree burn on your lips and a 107 temperature, it’s because you were smoking crack, we know, so stop lying. And just so you know, do not call and ask questions about ‘medical problems’ over the phone, we cannot answer them, it’s a legal thing. If your kid falls down and will not walk for over 72 hours, you need to take your child to your family physician during normal business hours. The ER is not a 24-hour clinic.

Do you have some stupid ER stories? Tell us about them in the comments.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

(AVP) Alien vs. Predator

Alien vs Predator starts tommorow. Check out the trailer here.

From Yahoo Movies: Alien vs Predator (2004):

Premise: Set in the early 21st century (ie, now), this movie follows a team of drillers, scientists and archaeologists led by a billionaire industrialist (Henriksen) who travel to Antarctica to investigate ancient pyramid ruins buried deep beneath the ice which predate those in Egypt and Mexico, suggesting they were once the home of a great empire that ruled over the Earth first. When they finally reach one of the pyramids, however, they discover human skeletons and fossilized remains of alien creatures that appear to hug faces and burst out of chests (wink wink), along with evidence that such aliens may still be alive somewhere in the ruins. The danger below them is frightening, but what the scientists also don't know is that something as dangerous lurks above them, happy to have had someone uncover the Aliens: a group of five teenage Predators, following a tradition wherein young Predators come to Earth every thousand years to go through their hunting rituals to reach manhood (or die horribly). The humans on the scene have to just hope they don't join them... (there's a very nice, more detailed plot synopsis over at IGN FilmForce.)

Planes Fleeing the Storms!

Planes have been flying in all day. From our front porch you can see them coming in for final aproach to Tinker Air Force Base. The military is sending many planes to Midwest Cities Tinker Air Force Base to escape the two big huricans closeing in on Florida. Newstalk KTOK has a story here about what we have been hearing all day. Sounds like I better get on the phone with my Grandma and make sure she is going to be ok.

Forty-Something says Never Forget

Forty Something has more pictures like this one below of the USS cole. He also has a story "Never Forget" that reminds us why we are fighting the WAR on TERRORISM.

Michael Whoore!

Thanks to Something To Cry About for posting this pick and link. Funny stuff!

California Keeps Illegal Gay Marriage Tax Money

I told my friend Lummpy back when San Francisco first started marrying gay couples that this was just a new tax on gay people. Looks like I might have been right. The city of San Francisco took money for each marriage license that was filed and now that those marriage licenses are void, do you think the city will give the money back? Hell no! This was a tax on gay people. The major two-some Newsome knew that the marriage licenses were illegal; he just wanted the attention and the money. As I have said before, it is not against the law for gay people to marry. Gay men can marry women and gay women can marry men just like every other American.

From Backcountry Conservative


The California Supreme Court voided all same-sex marriages sanctioned by San Francisco this year, ruling Thursday that the mayor overstepped his authority by issuing the couples licenses.

The court said the city violated the law when it issued the certificates and performed the marriage ceremonies in a month long wedding march that began Feb. 12, since both legislation and a voter-approved measure defined marriage as a union between a man and woman.

The court, however, did not resolve whether the California Constitution would permit a same-sex marriage, ruling instead on the narrow issue of whether local officials could bypass California's judicial and legislative branches.

Update (8/12 4:41PM): ScrappleFace has a funny side to this story click here.

Anybody But Bush Update

Found this pic on Read more about story here. Read what Rush had to say here.

Update (8/12 2:53PM): Joan sent me the link to this funny video clip (click on He's Not George W. Bush) from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. You know the left really doesn't like their canidate when they start making fun of their own guy. Thanks Joan for the link.

Al Qaeda Plot to Assassinate President Bush

Northeast Intelligence Network has new information on an al Qaeda plot to kill President Bush.

11 August 2004 - Al Qaeda's Voice of Jihad references plot to assassinate President Bush?

If a message in the newly released issue 22 of Voice of Jihad magazine, Al Qaeda's online publication distributed every two weeks on the internet, is any indicator that the terrorist organization may very well have a plan to assassinate US President George W. Bush in motion.

The mention of the plot was cryptic and short, but it was enough to catch the eyes of analysts at the Northeast Intelligence Network.

The magazine offers a single line reponse to an email from a reader by the name of Maddad.

The message says: "The plan you have drawn up to assassinate Bush is good but will need a lot of preparation. It is possible that you can take part in it, if possible. Thank you."

We will bring you more information on this story as we continue our translation and analysis of issue 22.

Update (8/12 2:00PM): Backcountry Conservative has all the news on this story here.

Economist Predicts Bush Win to Rally Kerry Support

The first couple of paragraphs make you think that this is a real story. Only when you get to the end do you realize this is just a Pro-Kerry piece to scare Kerry voters to the polls. Read the story here.

Russian's find UFO

Russian's find evidence that UFO's may have saved the planet in 1908! read more here.

Update (8/12 7:45PM): Drudge Report has an update to this story that suggests this is a Hoax.

Kerry Accuses Bush of Playing Race Card.

People of Color United are running ads on black radio slamming John Fn Kerry as "rich, white and wishy-washy." The Kerry campaign is angered by the ads and said, "It's disgusting that the president's political allies are using race as a political weapon. First a group of right-wing Swift boat veterans began smearing John [I have three purple hearts] Kerry's military service, and now another group has resorted to playing racial politics." Read story here.

Kerry has never played the race card. Ha Ha Ha! What about when Kerry said to the American Urban Radio Network "President Clinton was often known as the first black president, I wouldn't be upset if I could earn the right to be the second." read more. Many black voters are beginning to realize that the Republican platform is closer to what they believe. Paula Diane Harris, founding chief executive officer of the Andrew Young National Center for Social Change said, "[Kerry] is a privileged white man who has no idea what it be a poor white in this country, let alone a black man." Bush does not know what it is like to be a poor white or a black man, but he does understand the best way to bridge the diminishing divide between black and white America; Equal opportunity not equal outcome. Democrats have tried to purchase the black vote. Democrats have used fear to secure the black vote. What is the BLACK VOTE? I thought what you wanted was the American vote.

I believe it is more important to set up equal opportunity and then allow the individual to determine the outcome. That is freedom.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

MTV's baised Rock The [Democrat] Vote

The Chainik Hocker may have evidence that MTV's Rock The Vote is a scam to get young people to only vote for Democrats. Read about it here.

The Tolerant Left

Found the link to this pic on Allah Pundit

Sure looks like they hate Bush more than they like Kerry. What a dumb reason to vote.

Get Your Klenex

This story almost made little ol' passionate me cry. thanks to Pesonal Rantings Of A Jackass for this touching story.

American accussed of being CIA Beheaded

Northeast Intelligence Network has a story and new video of an American having his head chopped of. See the to video here (this is a long video.)

Please Check the Why we Must Defeat Terrorist Links on the right of this page for all the links to the TERRORIST Videos.

BlondeStar, Saving Blondes From Themselves

You've heard the GM OnStar ads now there is BlondStar.

Click here to listen to "Blond Locked in car"

Click here to listen to "Blond Seeing Spots"

Click here to listen to "Blong having Trouble with the Hazard Lights"

"Wack The Iraq' Hurting Some Libs Feelings

Read the story here. Do you find this game offensive? Type Yes or No in the comments.

Father of Amber Frey, Beaker?

Found this on Glenn Beck's Page 2! Could Beaker from the Muppet Show be the father of Amber Frey? (Scott Peterson's whore!)

Bush Says National Sales Tax Worth Considering

Sounds like a great idea. Read story here. I posted about this last week

I hope Bush talks about this in the debates. I think he can win the election big time with this issue.

Al Qaeda, "Anybody but Bush."

An article today on quotes US intelligence officials as saying:

"The goal of the next attack is twofold: to damage the U.S. economy and to undermine the U.S. election," the official said. "The view of al Qaeda is 'anybody but Bush.' “

Can you see the Liberal Wheel of Mis-Fortune spinning now? According to liberals the economy already sucks and the last TERROR warning was just a political move by Bush Inc. to take the spotlight away from John “I would have went to war too” Kerry.

It sounds like the anybody but Bush crowd has some new supporters: TERRORISTS! If you want a President that will do everything he can to defeat TERRORISM, then I say, "Nobody but BUSH."

Here are a few sites covering the Next Al Qaeda Attack:

Blogs of War examines The Next al Qaeda Attack
Backcountry Consevative has news about a Major Assassination Plan
The Moderate Voice posts Al Qaeda Wants To Hit US Before The Elections
Outside the Beltway is blogging about Al Qaeda Planning 'Major Assassination'
Allah Pundit has odds on Who's wearing the bullseye?
DGCI lets us know that Bin Laden hints major assassination
The Spoons Experience yells WHOAH!
The Truth Laid Bear is Giving New Meaning to "Hit Counter"
Generation Why? has a story about Anybody But Bush