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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Passionate America Has Moved

Click here to go to the new Passionate America

Please update your link. The new URL is

Monday, October 23, 2006

WynnCast: Debut Wynn-terview with Wild Bill

The WynnCast Blog
Tyson Wynn owner of WynnBlog and The WynnCast podcast interveiwed me for the 29th edition of the WynnCast podcast.

It was a great interveiw. Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

On The Air Today

I will be on the air on Wide Awakes Radio for an hour with Gribbit starting at 1pm Central Time today. If you missed the pictures my brother Big Mike took of me broadcasting last night at IHOP here is the link.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

My DSL Is Working Again

I woke up today and our DSL is working again. We were told that it would not be working again until Sunday or Monday. Last night my brother Big Mike and I loaded all of the Wide Awakes Radio broadcast software on Big Mike's laptop and went to IHOP at 2:30am to test it and make sure that we could broadcast The Passionate America Show from his laptop at IHOP if we needed to. There are a lot of funny drunk people at IHOP at 2:30am on a Friday night. We might try to do a live remote from IHOP tonight just for the fun of it.

Friday, October 20, 2006

My Internet Is Down Until Sunday Or Monday

I was online tonight and our phone line and DSL went down. We called to find out what the problem is and they said they will have to send a tech out. So no internet in my house until Sunday or Monday. We are trying to get all of the broadcast software loaded on my brother's computer and will probably have to broadcast from McDonalds or Starbucks tomorrow night. Unless I can find an internet connection I will not be posting until my internet connection is back up. Make sure to listen to The Passionate America Party Show Saturday night at 10pm Central Time.

Ted Rall Is On The Wrong Team

Potfry from The Nose On Your Face has a world exclusive, "Cartoonist Ted Rall Interviews Islamic Rage Boy"

Click picture to enlarge
Islamic Rage Boy and Ted Rall

Iranian Ambassador & President Bush

Witch emailed me this joke:
The Iranian Ambassador to the UN had just finished giving a speech, and walked out into the lobby where he met President Bush.

They shook hands, and as they walked the Iranian said, "You know, I have just one question about what I have seen in America.

President Bush said, "Well, anything I can do to help you, I will."

The Iranian whispered "My son watches this show 'Star Trek' and in it there is Chekhov who is Russian, Scotty who is Scottish, and Sulu who is Chinese, but no Arabs. My son is very upset and doesn't understand why there aren't any Iranians on Star Trek."

President Bush laughed, leaned toward the Iranian ambassador, and whispered back, "It's because it takes place in the future."

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Spending time with the family and working on the new Passionate America website.

I spent the entire day yesterday with my family, running errands, and getting things done. We went to the Tag Agency yesterday and took care of some things that we have been putting off. We had a parent teacher conference, (it seems my son is one of the best kids in his class and the teachers had no complaints about him, could it be that being there when he gets home and not putting him in daycare could be a good thing?) When we left the parent teacher conference our car, like the WSJ called it, "rusty, gray Ford Tempo" would not start. My son, my wife, and me got our exercise for the day by walking almost 2 miles back to our apartment to get our other crappy car (that needs brakes, badly) so that we could go to AutoZone to buy a new positive battery cable to get the first crappy car running again. I replaced the battery cable--which did not take me long because I used to be a car audio installer extraordinaire--and we headed to my parents house to pick up our 3 year old.

We spent the rest of the night watching 3 movies we rented; Over The Hedge, The Omen, and The Proposition. Over The Hedge was great, The Omen was better than the original, and The Proposition was one of the best movies I have seen this year. We are going to watch The Break-up tonight, I like Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston let's hope it is a good movie also.

I will be posting more soon. I have been trying to learn WordPress, so I can get the new Passionate America up and running. I hope to have the new site up and running by Sunday. I will be on the radio today at 4pm Central Time. Click here to listen live to The Passionate America Show at 4pm (CST).

Monday, October 16, 2006

Wild Bill in The Wall Street Journal

Wild Bill/William Kerr
How a Blogger Put Himself in the Middle Of Mark Foley Story

Well that is the title of the story in The Wall Street Journal today. Here is the link,

"How a Blogger Put Himself in the Middle Of Mark Foley Story"

Ms Underestimated is also mentioned in the story as well as Matt Drudge.

I'm headed to Barnes and Nobel to get a copy of The Wall Street Journal. I'll post more later.

Update: Here is a link to the the story about Jordan Edmund that started it all, Meet Jordan Edmund One Mark Foley Instant Messanger

Friday, October 13, 2006

Could ‘Big Brother’ Be Watching Us?

Texas Fred thinks "Big Brother" could be watching us. Read for yourself, If you dare! Is ‘Big Brother’ REALLY watching??

The US Navy, Hey Ya!

Romeocat from emailed me this video. Our Navy Rocks.

Name that Nut! 10-13-2006

Name that Nut 10-13-2006
Passionate America's favorite game show, Name that Nut.

(Brought to you by Preparation H®, if you have a pain in your ass, put an end to your suffering with Preparation H®)

Who is this nut?

  • Grew up in a thatched palm leaf house.

  • Cheated on his first wife, some people claim he was in love with a goat.

  • Pat Robinson suggested he should be assassinated, many people believe this to be a good idea but that Pat Robinson is also a nut.

  • Has been called, "the indisputable leader of the global poor".

  • Wants to spread socialism so that everyone is poor.

  • Loves to blame all bad things on Bush, just like American liberals.

  • Is rumored to be a devil detector.

  • Might be sexually attracted to Noam Chomsky, just like American liberals.

  • Likes to smell his own farts, claims they smell like sulfur.

Can you name that nut?



Thursday, October 12, 2006

Spacemonkey Interviews Wild Bill

spacemonkey from IMAO interviewed me by instant message the other day and I have been a little slow in putting up the link to it. Here is an excerpt, lol,
Wild Bill: Oh and one last thing, you are not gonna save this IM and let a lib get it so they can use it against me before an election are you?

spacemonkey: A little bit, yeah. (read more)
IMAO is my favorite comedy blog if you have not been there check it out.

Ms Underestimated and Wild Bill on the Kenneth Lamb Show Today

Ms Underestimated and me have been asked to be on the Kenneth Lamb show today at 4pm Central Time. Here is the radio station's website.

Carrie Coppernoll mentions me in The Oklahoman

Carrie Coppernoll has a story in The Oklahoman where she mentions me today, "Page scandal raises issues still unresolved" (you might have to register to see the story, it is free). Here is the excerpt where she talks about me:
Foley, 52, resigned his U.S. House seat after details were revealed about his explicit conversations with former male pages. Edmund's name was dug up by sleuthing blogger William Kerr of Moore. (More discussion of Kerr in a future column.)
I just called Carrie Coppernoll and she will call me later today to talk about her upcoming story.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Jordan Edmunds to be Questioned Today According to Jones

Jordan Edmund arrives in downtown Oklahoma City this morning. Photo by Jim Beckel from website.***Updates at the bottom***

The Enid News and Eagle reports that,
"FBI special agents will question a former congressional page today in Oklahoma City at an undisclosed location about the recent sex scandal, said Enid attorney Stephen Jones, who is representing the man." (read more)
I just called The Enid News and Eagle and left a message in Scott Fitzgerald's voice mail.

Stephen Jones was quoted by the newspaper as saying,
They (FBI) will question Jordan Edmund concerning his knowledge, if any, about former congressman Mark Foley,
Why would the FBI question Mr. Edmund if he did not have any information?

And once again I am described as
"an Oklahoma-based Internet blogger who linked a screen name associated with Edmund that was inadvertently published by “ABC News.
Jones reports page will be questioned today about Foley

Update: The Oklahoman has more, Ex-page meets with FBI

Update #2: I talked to someone at The Oklahoman and decided to pull the picture of Edmunds they took today from my website for now. They have added video to the with the story.

Mark Foley May Have Had Inappropriate Contact with a Robot

Shame shame I say!
Sean Gleeson has been investigating and has uncovered instant messages between former Rep. and current scumbag Mark Foley.

Another Foley victim exposed by Oklahoma blogger

Sean Gleeson I condemn you for revealing this possible underage robot victim's identity. Have you no shame?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Did John Kerry Threaten to Kill the President?

Bill G sent me a link to the YouTube video below. Did John Kerry threaten the President? You be the judge. (about 1 min into the video)

Email that makes you go hmmmmm!

I received this email and I thought I would share it with my readers. Email me and let me know what you think.

I don’t believe Jordan Edmonds deserves sympathy over being ousted he is a self described political whore, a huge ass-hole, who likes making fun of stupid people and fat/stupid people at the gym.

And he apparently has no problem stating such on a public blog where he also states he is working as Deputy Campaign Manager for Ernest Istook on his campaign for Governor of Oklahoma!

So excuse me, this young man does not strike me as a victim! Quite the contrary we should demand what the whole truth is, he should be answering questions and answering them now! And why hasn’t he been answering them before?

Excerpts from Jordan Edmonds My Space Blog Google cache:

Last Login: 3/5/2006, "I live next to a Meth house" General interests:
“Politics (If you haven't figured out that I'm a political whore yet)”, “making fun of stupid people and fat/stupid people at the gym”.

About me: “Politics is my passion; I love the game”, “working as Deputy Campaign Manager for Ernest Istook on his campaign for Governor”. “Yeah, I'm a huge ass-hole and probably one of the most insensitive people that you will meet”.

Who I'd like to meet: “I don't want to meet. Stupid people, people who don't like politics (politicians make your fucking laws)”.

This has changed since then to the way it was posted on your site. I found this information by following a link attached to a LGF comment and I question why more is or has not been done by our media.

If as a result of this young mans (Prank/not Prank IM’s) our Elections are adversely affected (every single one of us should be out raged).

ABC seems to be struggling with this story to promote it, and I believe there is no excuse for their actions, I am seeing no proof that they are verifying their stories, and the way information is trickling out causes me more questions. Remember Rathergate?}

Orson Wells War of the Worlds is the best analogy I can think of, when thinking about this situation!

I listened to the MP3 of your show, and feel for the situation you are in, and the adversity you are being faced with.

I can only imagine the angst you feel, but please be assured that you will survive it. I am sure that you are receiving a lot of advise and help from people, if not now I am sure you will in the very near future, I believe this whole affair will _have a bungee like effect_, in fact it appears to me that people in general are already starting to get a grip on their initial emotional response to this whole sordid affair. And you will come out of this a better and stronger man!

In response to the E-Mail I sent, you stated: “Very good points you have a story research it and post, be ready for the firestorm”.

I took a closer look, but since I have nowhere to post the information, and don’t know anyone who Blogs (or even knows about computers) it is no good to me and it may even be information you already have, either way it can only help you!

You posted an image of Edmonds My space account showing his last login as 7/31/2006 (That’s only a few days after the sex predator site began, isn’t it?)

Edmond lists under (interests) “making fun of stupid people and fat/stupid people at the gym” and under (about me) says “Yeah, I'm probably one of the most insensitive people that you will meet.” This is just after saying that he’ll be “working as Deputy Campaign Manager for Ernest Istook on his campaign for Governor” and Edmonds finishes with “and fat people are disgusting”

So I would say he is both insensitive and/or not overly bright, (in my opinion a walking talking political brain fart waiting for a place to happen) I’m pretty sure Istook wouldn’t be too happy! And I am certain the voters wouldn’t like it, (it is almost like it was a deliberate attempt to be insulting)! And this is someone who is a 3rd year Political Science major and Public Policy minor at the University of California, Berkeley?

Interesting particularly since I have a Google cache of the same my space page showing his last login as 3/5/2006 (link):

The page I have is different than the one you posted and I do not know if it is because it is a cache or format was changed (it has his employment history for one thing, or did you remove it from yours), schools, and lists himself as a political operative?

The comment about Meth heads is different, under (interests)“Politics *(If you haven't figured out that I'm a political whore yet)*,” as well as “making fun of stupid people and fat/stupid people at the gym” (about me) he says “Yeah, I'm *a huge ass-hole* and probably one of the most insensitive people that you will meet.”

Over all I am left with the impression that it is almost as though he abandoned the site after removing comments that were detrimental to his own personal image *(If you haven't figured out that I'm a political whore yet, and I'm a huge ass-hole*) and _adding_ another insult “and fat people are disgusting”.

Listening to your rant today I got the distinct impression that there was more you wanted to say but couldn’t or wouldn’t, and that it was almost as though you felt you were set up in that you followed the clues, found and posted his Identity. And now felt trapped, and I certainly do not want to make things worse for you but if there is/was a deliberate effort too spoil our elections something needs to be done. And right now you are the one best able to use this information (if it is anything at all).

No matter what the reason the statements made on a public website, would seem to me to make people less sympathetic to his being ousted, particularly since a lot of people still talk like he was an innocent (victim) minor in 2003, I’m not so sure and apparently there are others who are trying to figure it out.

Thank you very much for your email

AP Video of Edmund's Attorney Talking About Wild Bill

Ms Underestimated just emailed me. The subject line of her email was, Video of Edmund's attorney on TV threatening Bill

In the video the attorney (he calls me the blogger so I guess it is ok if I call him the attorney) says that his client's life has been turned upside down because of the controversy swirling around former Rep. Mark Foley. The video also says, "That's because Jordan Edmund has been identified in published reports as one of the former pages who allegedly got explicit emails and instant messages from the Florida Republican." I never said Jordan Edmund got emails from Mark Foley. So did he get emails too?

The attorney goes on to say that he and his client have had some physical threats made against them. Really? Want to check my emails and the comments on my blog Mr. attorney?

During the AP video they talk about how ABC NEWS published the screen name and show and email on the screen. Hello, I found the screen name in an instant message from ABC NEWS website not an email. Does the AP not know the difference between emails and instant messages or are they trying the confuse the two on purpose?

The attorney also says they are investigating to see if there is any civil liability by ABC NEWS or the blogger (that's me Wild Bill). So it looks like he might still be looking to file charges against me. I wish I did not have to ask but I could use all of the help I can get with this.

Ways you can help me:
  • Send me an email if you are or know an attorney that would be will willing to take my case for little money or no money.
  • Continue sending your emails of support, it means a lot to me and my family that there are people out there that support us.
  • Make a Donation to me to help cover costs by clicking on the Make a Donation button on the top right side of the website.

Thanks to everyone that has already donated and has sent emails.

Audio from The Passionate America Show at Ms Underestimated

Ms Underestimated has audio from my Friday, 10/6/06 radio show on Wide Awakes Radio. It was the hardest most emotional show I have ever done. Here is the link:

Wild Bill Bares His Soul (AUDIO)

Thank you Ms Underestimated, if it was not for you I would not have been able to get this story out.

Why We Are In Iraq

America is making a difference in Iraq

Sonnabend from Voice of the Pacific sent me a link to the video below.

Everything Is Going to be Alright

This is why we are in Iraq. Ask yourself, "Why does the main stream media show all the bad things in Iraq and not show the good things?" Show this video to everyone you know. We are in Iraq for the right reasons and we have to complete our mission.

North Diarrhea Korea Nukey

Kim acting Silry
And Now a Message From Kim Jon Il

Oh Helro!!!

You pafetic foors. I now have nucrear weapons. How you feer now? You thought you courd terr us North Koreans what to do. Seriousry, did you think we wourd cave into your freats? You have one day to stop dat fucr'in Team America movie from every being prayed again. Arso, how dare Wird Birr rerease the name of the 21 year ord guy!

The Passionate America investigative team has uncovered that North Korea purchased the instructions for building the nuclear weapon from the now infamous blogger that we will not name because we want to take credit for his work, here is a link to the information we have uncovered. How to build a NUKE!

Additional more reliable information can be found here, here, here.
and here.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Did Foley Actually Have Sex With Pages?

Let me show you how it is done Michelle Malkin, I'm not sure I agree with Fmragtops on this story, but a least I have enough respect to let my readers check out his work and make up their own minds. Foley Actually Had Sex With Pages

See know wasn't that easy?

Eric at Classical Values Seems To Get It

Eric gets it. Then why is it that so many of the other big named blogs don't get it. Jordan Edmunds identity was information Ms. Underestimated, me Wild Bill, and the all of the people we let view the evidence we had before we publish the story believed had to get out so that the facts could be uncovered. Ms. Underestimated and I got the ball rolling on this story.

I have a question for the bloggers that still refuse to give us credit. Why do you still blog about Foleygate when you cannot even be honest with your readers enough to let them know if it was not for two hard working bloggers (Ms. Underestimated and me, Wild Bill) the story would not have advanced beyond some of the lies. Once we released Jordan Edmund's identity, bloggers and media from around the world had an opportunity to search out the truth and report it.

Oh I almost forgot I have to make sure I say Foley is a scumbag (or we will be accused of defending him) and I did not give a crap about party affiliation in this case, our release of OUR STORY was about the truth. I did not do this for fame and fortune although it might come to that. I will no longer sit by while others report on this story and pretend that they have higher morals and that that gives them right to not credit our hard work. If I am sued because of this case it will effect every blogger's 1st Amendment rights and every media organizations rights as well. If I am successfully sued it will set legal precedence and open the door for each and every blogger and news organization that published Jordan Edmund's identity to be sued. You may not agree with what we did although someday I believe you will, at least agree that we have the 1st Amendment Right to freedom of speech. If we cannot all agree on that issue then we will all surly lose.

Jeff Gannon Hot On The Trail Of The Truth

Jeff Gannon has been doing his research and has a lot of the same questions I have about the Jordan Edmund / Foleygate scandal. Foleygate Beginning To Look Like Rathergate

There are so many questions that need answers. Keep up the good work Mr. Gannon.

"Wild Bill" You are Amazing!!! Kudo's for your work!!!!

I recieved this email and thought I would share it with you:

Dear Mr. Kerr,

I am a citizen of Oklahoma City, and like most people in our nation, I have been following the Foley scandal on a daily basis. I was led to your blog "Passionate America" via an article published by the Oklahoman, News channel 9 and on

I must say Mr. Kerr, I am thoroughly impressed. Impressed so much it compelled me to write you this letter. Wow, was my initial reaction and thoughts when I read the blog pertaining to the identity of the page, who's IM's were published on ABC News. I was so taken aback and amazed at your ability to find such info. I mean I really do not think that even my 9 year old could of done a better job, really its not like this sort of thing is done by millions everyday. Curiosity had now taken hold and I just couldn't stop, I dug further, I read everything, your blog, your comments, your profile, and let me tell you I learned a lot.

You Mr. Kerr are a manipulative genius! Why, would I say such a thing, you ask. Well by all means let me explain! When I was reading those IMs and all the other information you posted on you blog, my heart instinctively went out to Jordan Edmund. I mean how mortifying is it to have such a personal, explicit thing be publicly displayed for all to view. How could anyone in the name of journalism, or mankind be so cruel? Really what does it take? What drives someone to publicly humiliate an innocent victim? I say innocent victim, because it has not been PROVEN otherwise, that Jordan Edmund is anything but just that, INNOCENT! Think about it, I mean really think about it. How would you feel, your family, your children, what if it was your child? How would it really be to be in Jordan Edmunds place right at this very moment?................... Let's ponder that for a moment, shall we? Think about the embarrassment, the humility, the fear, of just knowing that you were subjected as a child to a mortifying experience and now the whole world knows your face. It's almost like those dream sequences you see in the movies you know the ones where you standing in front of a crowd doing whatever only to realize that you are naked, and vulnerable. Do you not have a conscious bone in you body? Wait, no you don't. You didn't have a conscious at that proverbial moment you stumbled across that impeccable mistake, this was you lucky break, your chance to pull yourself out of the stinking pit of self pity, your chance to be somebody, a chance to rise above and beyond a meager blogsite, and small time internet radio. "Look out and move over Rush Limbaugh! William "Wild Bill" Kerr is the new kid in town and he's kicking ass now, and taking names later"

In the beginning of this letter I stated, you impressed me, would you like to know how? I am impressed by the fact, that after all the angry responses and threats made to you and your family by the public; you managed to turn the tables. Well at least you think you did! You convinced some schmuck at the Daily Oklahoman that you were nothing, and that your intentions were not to gain fame and fortune, you had struggled, and made bad choices in the past, you were just using this opportunity to try and better life for yourself and your family. You were just following your dream, after so many years of thinking your couldn't. You threw yourself one hell of a pity party in that article. However; this is not what angers me the most. What angers me the most what is just down right disgusting is that by claiming you and your family are so poor that you live off of one income and have to use food stamps, all for the sake of your children! Ha! I am appalled, disgusted, I am pissed, it is my tax dollars that are supporting you and your so called internet pipedream. "To keep my kids out of daycare", so you claim to be a stay at home dad, but in reality your too busy writing your blog, and hosting you internet radio show, how can you deem yourself a respectable man in society? You rely on your wife, to provide for you and your family, yet you can't even contribute to the table you eat off of! You state, "We may go broke, but my kids won't go to daycare". I myself am not a stranger to the word struggle, I have lived that life. I was a single mom, I needed and used food stamps, and I had to send my kids to daycare. I also got a job; I worked hard, and did everything in my power to ensure my children a life they deserved, a good life. Not once, did I ever abuse the system to achieve this, I am successful today, not by bringing down someone else, nor by using tax dollars to fund my dreams, but by hard work! Wow, there's a concept! How easy is that? Its not easy, never is, still isn't, but at least I am proud! You my friend are a sorry excuse for a human being, nice try way to grope at the heart strings of Oklahoma and the media. You poor thing, you take the heat, and your wife and children are all starving and for what? Your pursuit of Justice, give me a break!

You have publicly slandered and defamated the character of a complete stranger. A victim of a sex scandal, that occurred when this person was a child, and all for your own personal gain. What about Jordan Edmunds career, his life did you think about that? No I don't think so. You said so yourself, you stated that it wasn't for the money, but you just hoped it would get you a better radio job. As far as I am concerned, you have ruined those chances. Every profession comes with a set of morals and ethics, albeit some lower than others. You however; have gone well below the standard. I find it funny that you are oblivious to your own hypocrisy, you rant about telling the truth and how politics are tainted, but you stoop to that level. In my eyes as a republican, a mother, and citizen you are now side by side with Mark Foley. What you have done does not exemplify compassion, nor does it honor America! You sir are nothing more than a boil on the ass of evil, I hope this moment haunts you for the rest of your life. I hope Jordan Edmund sues you for everything you may or may not have, I hope when your judgment day comes, you look back and are ashamed and remorseful for what you have done.

You call yourself a conservative, you state you believe in the truth! You may have uncovered the fact that Jordan Edmund was linked to those IMs, but you had no right to go public with it. Your sordid opinions have now averted the attention from where it should be, on Mark Foley! This isn't about the victims and whether or not they asked for it, they were kids. The fact remains the same Mark Foley is a sick individual, who has disgraced himself, his family and these children. He should be punished it should be him that is smeared all over the papers and television, not these kids!!! Oh yeah, don't give me the crap that they are no longer minors, it doesn't change the fact that at the time they were, and in no way asked for this.

My advise to you Mr. Kerr is exactly this, go to school educate yourself, get a real job, quit subjecting your family to your ignorant opinions, quit milking the system to help fund your ignorance, quit mooching off your wife and using your children as an excuse not to stand up and take your place as a father, a husband, a man! Really consider the consequences of your actions before you apply them, learn to write the facts, and when you do publish your opinions, don't run and hide behind your poor lifestyle. Don't expect us, to feel sorry for you, that lifestyle was your choice not ours. Go buy a book about morals, and learn it! Learn that exposing somebody, and humiliating them for nothing more than personal gain is not only wrong but unforgivable. Get a little Jesus in you life, but mostly watch your back! God doesn't like ugly and what comes around goes around. If I were you I would start praying for forgiveness and writing that public apology to Jordan Edmund and his family now! Last but not least, remember that everyone has friends in low places. Good day to you Mr. Kerr.


L. Kingston Oklahoma City, Ok

And this was my response:

Nice idea, but you are wrong, I suspect that you have a big problem with the fact that I said I do not want to put my kids in daycare. If you would like to meet me in person I will meet you anytime you would like and sit down and talk to you and answer any questions you might have. I could take the time to point out your errors in judgment in the email but it would not convince you of who I am. Please email me back and we can arrange a meeting at your connivance.

The Blogger Formerly Known As Wild Bill

***Update I made a spelling mistake in the title if you have linked to this post you will have to correct your link. Sorry for any inconvenience.***

I have been thinking about changing my nickname to "The Blogger" because it seems that a lot of big bloggers out there just refuse to call me by my real name William Kerr, my nickname Wild Bill, and refuse to link to my blog because it seems I have cooties.

You might not agree with what I did but you can show a little class and a small bit of respect and at least let your readers come to my blog to make up their own minds instead of telling them what to think. I have been a fan of many of the sites that think I am beneath them. I have respect for each of you, whether you criticize what I did or not, it is in very bad taste to talk about someone's work and not provide a link to that work.

Much of the MSM has done the same thing. Bloggers deserve credit also if you are talking about or referencing their work. It is the right thing to do.

Michelle Malkin You Do Not Know Me

***Updates at the bottom***

I had to respond to Michelle Malkin's wild accusations about me from this post. I followed a link on that post over to Hot Air to this post. I had to respond, I have no idea why Michelle has what seems to be a grudge against me, but there is no way with what I have been through over the last week that I am going to let her get away what I consider a hit piece against me. Below is what I wrote:
I tried to have a spine and stand up for what was right and Michelle and many other conservative bloggers threw me under the bus.

This is in response to this post by Michelle Malkin.

I did the right things for the right motives despite what Malkin thinks. She does not know me and to say,
"a conservative blogger [Wild Bill of Passionate America] has ginned up publicity for his work outing a 21-year-old young man--a former congressional page and current deputy campaign manager for a heartland Republican congressman--who received sexually explicit instant messages from disgraced Florida GOP Rep. Mark Foley when he was 17 and 18 years old. I have received several e-mails from the blogger and readers flogging the post.

I refused to link to the blogger then and even though the Drudge Report has plastered screaming headlines about the blogger's scoop, I refuse to link to it now. There was absolutely no good reason to expose the former congressional page's name and identity. Seizing on ABC News' redaction failure and reporting errors (more on that in a moment) to play gotcha in a feeble attempt to avenge Foley is not a sufficient reason to obliterate the young man's privacy. The young man was the prey, not the predator."

First, my name is William Kerr not "a conservative blogger".

Second, "has ginned up publicity" hey Michelle do you know me, do you have any idea beyond speculation and wild accusations as to what my motives were? No you don't, do not pretend to know my motivations, you could have emailed me after I sent emails to you and a press release I could have explained myself to you, but no one listened me (except for real friends). I tried to send this story to other more qualified bloggers and media and no one responded to me, except Jay Tea from Wizbang who told me to never contact him again, but apologized after reading my post. Will you apologize Michelle?

Third, When he was 17 and 18 years old, Michelle can you prove when the IMs were made and can you prove that they have not been altered by anyone before they were published by ABC NEWS? No you can not. If you will look at the IMs you will notice that the time stamps are not in sequential order and ABC NEWS does not even provide a date stating when the emails were made.

Fourth, "obliterate the young man's privacy" he is 21 now! He is a public figure if it is found that the young man as you like to call him was 18 during all of the IMs or has made the whole thing up will you defend Mark Foley's right to privacy? I said in my post several times I think Mark Foley is a scum bag and if he is found guilty should have the book thrown at him.

Fifth, "The young man was the prey, not the predator." Can you prove that Michelle? No you cannot. When the investigation is complete and I might have to testify in front of the House Ethics Committee then we will know for sure if the young man, as you put it, is in fact prey. Foley is disgusting for what he did, but there are too many questions left unanswered for you to claim to know my motive and pretend to know the truth.

I believe you Michelle are acting more like a liberal than me by letting your feeling lead you to wild conclusions that you can not back up and impugning my character in the process. I still have respect for you and believe your writing has inspired me over the years to stand up for what is right and that is getting out the truth. I know that is what I did and I hope someday you can see that also.

Now Michelle Malkin, say my name Wild Bill of Passionate America and try and remember that I am the guy that likes to back up my facts with screenshots just incase someone decides to say I made up my evidence. Below are the screenshots of my comment posted at Hot Air on October 8, 2006 at 2:47 AM on this post.

Click to enlarge

Hot Air comment top

Hot Air comment bottom

I have received so much support over the last few days, everyone please email Michelle Malkin at writemalkin-at-gmail-dot-com and let her know that it would be a smart move on her part to respond to me and give a real reason why she did what she did. Michelle like I said before I respect you I just believe something other than the truth was influencing your decision. I came clean to the world, can you come clean with me?

Update: Still no response for Michelle Malkin, Common Sense Junction understands my side and takes Michelle to task in this post, A Potpourri Of DoubleSpeak.

Update #2: My friend Terry Dillard comes to my aid, Standing Up for Wild Bill. Thank you Terry.

Update #3: More support coming from Big Dog and Spree, go over to their sites and read what they had to say.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Radioactive Liberty and Fmragtops Condemns Wild Bill

One of my long time friends FIAR has condemned me for my post about Jordan Edmund. I feel so bad, I Condemn You Wild Bill!

I am losing friends left and right, Fmragtops has A Condemnation of Something or Other

Drudge Report Links To Story About Wild Bill

The Drudge Report linked to this story from, Lawyer of former page sends email to blogger

I want to thank Matt Drudge for linking to me, he has really helped me so much.

Kenneth Lamb tells Stephen Jones to, "go pound sand"

Ms. Underestimated posted this first so she gets the credit and the link to this.
I want you all to see an email that a gentleman named Kenneth Lamb sent to both Wild Bill and myself. Mr. Lamb has given me full permission to post this.
I read the email from the attorney.

His client is now what is known under the law as a “semi-public” personality, if in fact not a “public personality,” given the scope of the story, the breadth of its dissemination, and the fact that his client is employed as a political operative in an active campaign for the governorship.

Unless the subject’s attorney can demonstrate that you published “with a reckless disregard for the truth” in a “malicious manner,” he can go pound sand. If the IM scammer thinks this is the best legal representation he can get, he’s cooked.

I thought the most foolish part of his email had to do with premising you must have someone’s “authorization” to run his client’s name or photograph. The guy is a campaign staffer, and this is legitimate news affecting the campaign with which he is associated.

He appears publicly in connection with the campaign as a matter of his employment; does this attorney think news organizations around the world have to either get his client’s permission to have his image in a photo, or else brush stroke the guy out if they don’t? What a maroon.

Well, I guess you have to give the attorney 2 points for trying to bluff you into submission. While he is suggesting you seek an attorney familiar with civil and criminal liability, he may want to contact an attorney himself to stop having a “fool for a client” when considering exactly what you will be able to subpoena and depose if a civil suit is filed - multiplied infinitely if a criminal investigation began. There are no Fifth Amendment claims in a civil suit. Ask OJ Simpson.

To sum up what I would tell the attorney threatening me with civil and criminal liability: “Oh Br’er Fox - please don’t throw me into that briar patch . . .”

All the remarks I’ve made are my personal opinion, and in no way should be constructed to reflect the opinion of the publications for which I write. Feel free to publish this if it will get the attorney to stop making a national fool of himself.

Kenneth E. Lamb

Program Host for
“CyberSmart! Saturday” ™
“Your Turn”
“Link to Life” ™ hurricane expert

Blogs authored by Kenneth E. Lamb / blogger profile listed at:

email: mailto:kenneth-at-kennethelamb-dot-com

Ms. Underestimated and I will be on Kenneth Lamb's radio show, Thursday 4pm to 6pm Central Time. You will not want to miss it.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Stephen Jones Demands I pull the Jordan Edmund Story

***Updates at the bottom***

I got this email yesterday:
Dear William Kerr and Passionate America:

Please be advised that I represent Jordan Edmund. It is our understanding that you and Passionate American are identifying Mr. Edmund with certain Instant Messages ("IMs"). You have indicated that ABC News mistakenly published these alleged Ims and that you should not have been able to obtain this information. Whether this is true or not is beside the point. Without any foundation or legal permission, you are stating that our client is the person associated with the Ims. Neither ABC News nor Brian Ross have been error free in their reporting in the past. You should not assume that they are correct now. Like all individuals and institutions, they occasionally make mistakes. Therefore, I respectfully demand that you cease any further efforts to identify our client with these alleged Ims and cease publishing such information on Passionate America. Neither you nor Passionate American is authorized to use any photograph of him, his name or his personal information. You should consult with an attorney who is experienced in civil and criminal liability regarding the internet. If you are correct that ABC News should not have released the alleged AOL screen name and that ABC News has risked civil and criminal liability because of the unauthorized release, then your republication of the unauthorized release likewise exposes you to possible liability.


Stephen Jones
114 E. Broadway, Suite 1100
P.O. Box 472
Enid, Oklahoma 73702
(580) 242-5500
(580) 242-4556 (fax)
[email address removed see Update #3]

So I have contacted some of the people I have met in the past few days for advice. My view on this is I have already published the story many people have put this on their websites also. Much of the main stream media has put the story out. The cat is out of the bag. Is Stephen Jones going to send these emails out to thousands of people? I believe I have done nothing wrong legally, until I hear different from people smarter than me I am going to treat this as a threat and leave everything on the website. I could use your help; do you know anyone that can help me? Send me an email.

Update: The Oklahoman confirms the email did come from Jones office, "Lawyer of former page sends email to blogger"

Update #2: (HT to Big Dog for emailing me this.) Much more info about this story also at CNN, "Attorney: Feds, page to talk about Foley correspondence"

Update #3: Christoph from Loving Jacqui emailed me and said:
Even though you might HATE the guy, I don't think you should post his professional email address! I think you should pull it off your website... just saying that no one deserves spam.

Gas chamber, imprisonment, water boarding, nosey in-laws... I can see an argument for it in certain circumstances. But spam's too much.



P.S. Now, if you ever get Osama's email address, I say throw caution to the wind and post it all over town!
I agree I should have removed it from the original post. See I can admit when I am wrong. Thanks Christoph.

Radio Radio and more Radio

I will be on KTOK with Reid Mullins at 7:00 am central time. You can listen on AM 1000 if you are in the OKC metro area or listen live on the internet.

I was on the radio yesterday on The Regular Guys Show, thank to Ms. Underestimated for the audio. These guys are great they are my kind of people. Real People.

The Passionate America Show starts at 4pm - 6pm Central Time tonight on I will talked about my busy day with the media. More on Jordan Edmund you will not want to miss this. Is Stephen Jones (Jordan Edmund's and Timothy McVeigh’s attorney).

Istook calls Wild Bill, "Irresponsible Internet Blogger"

I did an interview with News 9 (video) (and more video) This video made Istook look like the fool he is. I said "Wholly Crap!" during the interview and they played it on the air. My brother text messaged me, "Rock On, you said Wholly Crap on the news!!!" Yes I did.

I was interviewed by Charles Bassett a reporter for News 9. I really enjoyed speaking with Mr. Bassett and I didn't catch the name of the camera person but I thought she was great. Mr. Bassett was informed that Congressman Ernest Istook was about to have a press conference at his campaign headquarters. We finished the interview and he asked me if I wanted to go to the press conference and I don't remember what I said, but I think it was something like, "Hell Yes!" I meet Mr. Bassett at the press conference were I stood about 5 feet away from Istook while he delivered his spin. Video of press conference.

I almost interrupted Istook's bullcrap but I decided that I should just let him destroy any chance he had of getting elected. I will not vote for Istook (call me Brad Henry we need to talk.) I am a Republican and he is a Republican but I'll be damned if I ever vote for a candidate that can't speak like a real human being and says ignorant things like this:
I know the prevailing standard in journalism is not to disclose the identity or personal details about minors and victims of sexual crimes. Just because one irresponsible Internet blogger chose not to follow this standard doesn't make it right for others to disregard it."
Well I already proved Jordan Edmund is not a minor and serious questions are being asked about whether he was a victim or if this was a planned plot prank. So try again Ernest. And you call me irresponsible. I was being RESPONSIBLE by exposing truth and uncovering ABC NEWS as liars once again. From AP:
But in one exchange the network inadvertently left the victim's screen name on. It was quickly discovered and removed, replaced by a version with the name redacted.

However, ABC said Thursday that a blogger was able to retrieve the deleted file. The blogger, known as "Wild Bill' from the "Passionate America" site, went on a computer detective mission he describes in detail on his site to discover the name.
(full text)
Let me explain the ABC NEWS lie:
  • It was quickly discovered and removed | Bullcrap unless you consider quickly 4-5 days!

  • deleted file | If the file was deleted then how did I find it? Oh it is deleted now but not for the 4-5 days That I checked everyday to see if they had removed it. I also show several people how to find the file so they could back me up if ABC tried to pull another fast one.
Yes I just called whoever made the statement for ABC NEWS a liar. If they decide to file legal action against me just to let them know I have documented proof and several witnesses that can back up my accusations.

This is why people distrust politicians and media more and more each day. When I talked to Bryan Dean staff writer for The Oklahoman I told him, "We just want you to tell us the truth, please tell us the truth." I was not suggesting Bryan Dean was lying to me I was talking about the media as a whole.

I am a news junkie and I see so much news that is spun to fit the story the media wants to tell this week and outright lies. The dishonesty masquerading as truth in some of the media will make you sick.

I am so disappointed with ABC NEWS today. I used to watch ABC NEWS each night but no longer. I will give CBS a try, because they told my story and they told the truth. Now I will keep an eye on them and let them know when the news is right and when the news is wrong.

You can help to, if you see news that is wrong investigate the truth and expose the frauds. But if they get it right let them know. Charles Bassett and Bryan Dean you did a great job.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thank You

***Update at the bottom***

I spent 6 hours tonight responding to the emails I have received. Many people wanted me to post again. I planned to take a few days off from the blog but I decide to share one of the responses I gave to a really great person that I felt understood me.

When this started it was like a treasure hunt, I had no idea the story was this big. It started to get really clear on the second day when we were researching it. The day before I posted we found that he was in Oklahoma where I live and that just blew me away. It is people like you that gave me the courage to press the publish button and hope that I had described what I knew well enough for people to understand. I am not a great writer, I am much better at radio where I don't have to spell.

People have been sending me more info all day and my advice is, research it and publish it if your heart tells you that it is the right thing to do. I really hope I have showed bloggers that anyone can find something like this if you will just look. People have said I did it for the traffic and the fame, and they just don't know me. I put out the press release and I begged a lot of bigger bloggers to take this story off of my hands because I did not feel worthy of this. I am a tough guy but it hurts me when people like Michelle Malkin (who I respect so much) and a few of the other right bloggers twist this story into a publicity stunt on my part. I wrote Michelle on Oct 2nd and sent her a tip about this story and I sent her the press release, she ignored both. I sent the press release to so many people in the hopes that someone would take this story of my hands. I emailed Hastert, Rep Tom Cole, most of the news media and no one replied, except a few of my close blogging friends. I did not ask for this story, but as we (me and Ms. Underestimated) found more and more stuff I knew that this had to come out. I tried to walk away from this story a few times and Ms. Underestimated, my brother, my best friend, and a few other close friends encouraged me to continue. I can understand why some people cannot understand why I felt I had to tell this story. But this was about the truth and the truth can really hurt sometimes. I knew that a lot of people would hate me for this; my hope was that they would at least read the story and then pass judgment on me. I have not always made good choices in my life, but this is one of the best choices I have ever made.

The people that hate me will be pleased about the story The Daily Oklahoman will publish about me tomorrow. I was interviewed for 1 1/2 hours and I told the reporter every bad thing (well all the big ones) I had done in my life and I have been a really big idiot in my life. I always thought I could do great things but never really tried because I was ashamed of some of the things I have done. I poured my heart out to the reporter and after the interview it was like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. I have no idea what the reporter will write about me tomorrow, but I have a feeling it will be the truth; the good and the bad. If one person is inspired by my story then I will have achieved what I have needed to do for so long. I am no longer afraid of my past. I am sorry I am going on this long, it is 12:44am and typing this gives me the hope that at least one person can look into my heart and see the real me.

Update: I want to thank Byan Dean from The Oklahoman for telling my story, "Internet sleuthing led blogger to former page"

Comments Disabled

I turned the comment off because someone is trying to bring one of my children into this. My son is a MINOR unlike Jordan Edmund. I have been on several radio shows this morning, including Glenn Beck. If you would like to help me you can please click the Make a Donation button on the right side bar. The hate mail has been pouring in and a lot of threats have been made. I can take the heat, but my family is very nervous. I will have more on this story soon. I have much more to say about this. I want to thank everyone for their support.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Meet Jordan Edmund One Mark Foley Instant Messanger

Jordan Edmund 21 years old
Jordan Edmund is 21 years old

Mark Foley is a scumbag! Mark Foley is a scumbag! Mark Foley is a scumbag!

Now that that is out of the way I will reveal how I (and a few others) discovered Jordan Edmund was one of the former house pages that participated in sexually explicit instant messages with Rep. Mark Foley. Also I will explain to you why I believe it necessary to reveal Jordan Edmund's identity. You may not agree with my decision, but I hope to explain my reasoning by the end of this story.

On the evening of September 30th I did what many people did and I read the instant messages released by Brian Ross at ABC NEWS. Here is the link to the pdf of the instant messages. When I had finished reading the messages I felt disgust toward what Foley did. Below is a picture of the last 3 lines of that instant message.

Instant message with screen name Xxxxxxx out

I was so upset about what Foley said to an 17 year old boy that I started searching the ABC NEWS website to find out if there were more instant messages. This is what I found.

Instant message with screen name revealed

Same instant message with one big difference. The teen's AOL screen name is clearly visible. I could only come up with 2 conclusions; either someone at ABC NEWS screwed up big time or they meant for someone to find the unedited instant message.

I decided to see if I could find out more information about the screen name. Since I do not have and AOL account I instant messaged Ms. Underestimated to see if she had an AOL account. She did and I asked her to check and see if the screen name lolakana223 had a profile on AOL. I sent her the screen name and she told me that there was a profile so I asked her to send me a screen shot of the profile. She sent me the screen shot and asked me who the person was. I told her I would tell her but she should not tell anyone else. I explained how I found the screen name and together we decided to see what else we could find. Below is the screen shot of the profile. Click to enlarge.

AOL profile for lolakana223

First we discussed what the screen name could mean. I thought the screen name meant, lol aka N/A February 23, because February 23 was when the teen in the instant message said, "im not 18 till feb 23." From the AOL profile we now had the possible first name and state of the teen (I say possible because at the time we had no idea that we were looking at the actual first name and state of the teen.) Ms. U noticed that the profile had not been updated since 1/7/03 (a little more than a month before the teens 18th birthday) also the profile had only been viewed 12 times since it was created. We came to the conclusion that we had discovered something that almost no one else had. It was late so we both went to bed.

The next mourning I got an idea to search for Congressional Page website that might answer the question that was bugging me. Who is Jordan? My search lead me to (the website is down now.) As soon as I clicked on the link I saw this screen before I was redirected to the website. Click picture to enlarge.

message on pagealumni website on Sunday, October 01, 2006

I wrote the email address down and sent an email. While I waited for a return email I Instant messaged Ms. Underestimate about the strange message on the website. We searched the website for any info on Jordan and Foley. We did find these 2 messages about Foley.

eeeeeeeeeeee Foley

Foley story

I then receive and email from Matthew Loraditch a former page and the site administrator for

Matthew Loraditch

The email contained Matthew's phone number so I called him. Matthew answer quickly and to me seemed nervous. I told him I had found a name and ask if he could confirm that the name I had was the page that had instant messaged Mark Foley. Matthew said he would not confirm or deny the identity of the name I had. So asked his why he put the redirect message on the website and he said because he had a statement he wanted to make. I asked him what statement he wanted to make and said he was working on it now and said he would email me when he had finished. the Palm Beach Post published Matthew's statement before he emailed it to me. Ms. U and I took a break for a while and when we came back was shut down with just a message that Matthew Loraditch would be posting a message about his involvement in the Mark Foley scandal. I searched for another congressional page website that might shed light on who Jordan was. I found this. Click to enlarge.

Picture of Jordan with Bush

The link claimed to be a picture of 4 girls and Jordan. Below is the picture.

Picture of Jordan with Bush

Could this be the Jordan we were looking for?

Jordan Edmund 03

I now had a picture that could be Jordan so I searched for more pictures that looked like this guy. I found this picture. Click to enlarge.

Jordan and Friends

Here is a close-up.

Jordan Edmund 04

I sent the pictures to Ms. U and she created a side-by-side comparison. Click to enlarge.

They look like the same person to me

We now had a Jordan, but was it the same Jordan that wrote the instant messages? We would need to connect the screen name with a picture of this guy. I did a search with the screen name from the instant message that ABC NEWS published and I found a picture sharing site that had many pictures like the one below.

Jordan Edmund 05 older

That is our guy which is what the side-by-side comparison below shows. Click to enlarge.

They look like the same person to me

We now knew that we had the correct screen name, first name, picture, but this newest picture has a problem. Jordan looks older, is heavier, and he is drinking a beer. He does not look like the underage teen that most of the media portrays him. Is he drinking underage or could he be 21? How old are these instant messages?

What we needed now was a last name to go with Jordan. Ms. Underestimated finds the last name (at the top of this screen shot.) Click to enlarge.

Jordan Edmund is in his 2nd year at Berkeley

Now we have a last name. Remember the AOL profile said Jordan was from Cali well this page gives us more evidence to support our findings. On a side not Ms. U gets a chuckle from Jordan Edmund answer to "Three things I would bring on a desert island: I toothbrush because I am obsessive with brushing my teeth, toilet paper, and Ding Dongs." Do we find more? You bet your ass we do.

Jordan A. Edmund House Page Class 2002

House Page Class 2002 Jordan Edmund. At this point in the story ABC NEWS has revealed that the instant messages were from 2003, that would be after Jordan Edmund left the Congressional Page Program, but when exactly did he leave the House Page Program? this link tells us when that was (it is very long but note the date June 6, 2002 and then scroll to the bottom to find Jordan Edmund and Matthew Loraditch also somewhere in the middle you will find a reference to the creepy Mark Foley.) FAREWELL TO DEPARTING 2001-2002 PAGE CLASS

Ms. Underestimated finds more proof that we have found the right guy. Click to enlarge.

Jordan Edmund with a picture

At 9pm Tuesday night Ms. Underestimated made the find that shocked me and her. Jordan Edmund is currently working as Deputy Campaign Manager for Ernest Istook here in Oklahoma City. Here is his mysapce page that has everything and proves that Jordan Edmund is also the other person in these instant messages with Mark Foley the perv.

Jordan Edmund's myspace page
Jordan Edmund's myspace page

Update: Blogger published my post before it was ready. I have more to say about this, but I am posting this now because it is already out. I have been contacted by the media and I might be on TV soon. I called Istook's office after the post went up and told them who I was and what I had posted, they seemed to already know who I am and they confirmed that Jordan Edmund did work there but he was out of the office. I gave them my phone number if they need to contact me. I hope you will read what I have wrote first them make up your own mind. I am sorry for the misspellings and bad grammar. I will keep you informed as I can. I will be on the radio at at 4pm Central Time. This is not the end, I have much more. --Wild Bill--

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

ABC Breaking Foley News

ABC Breaking Foley News

Looks like ABC is going to break some Foley news.


I wonder what it could be?

Nope it didn't have anything to do with my press release

It seems Mark Foley wants you to know he is a gay man. Who gives a crap. Oh and he says he was molested as a child. Doesn't change the fact he is a scumbag. His attorney thought he should come out and give that statement so people will feel sorry for him. I don't. Once again it is all about Foley.

Update: Ms. Underestimated has the video

Press Release: Passionate America to Release Identity of a Person Rep. Foley Instant Messaged


Passionate America to Release Identity of a Person Rep. Foley Instant Messaged

Oklahoma City, OK – October 3, 2006

William Kerr a writer for has discovered the identity of the one of the persons that Representative Mark Foley communicated with in instant messages. The information was found on a public website while Mr. Kerr was researching the Representative Foley scandal. Mr. Kerr is finalizing the story and will present his findings on October 4th, 2006 at 4pm Central Time. The story will be published at and will be discussed on The Passionate America Show on at 4pm central time. Mr. Kerr will explain how he discovered this information and how anyone could have found it. There is the possibility that this story will not be well received by the some major news media. Mr. Kerr’s evidence has been checked by many people to be accurate.


If you’d like more information about this story, or to schedule an interview with William Kerr, please e-mail him at passionateamerica-at-gmail-dot-com

Breaking News, Identity Of Person Rep. Mark Foley Instant Messaged Coming Soon.

Breaking News

I have what I believe is the identity of the person that Rep. Mark Foley instant messaged.

I will be working on the story today and will present my findings tomorrow. I will put out a press release later today outlining what I will reveal on Wednesday October 4th at 4pm Central Time. I have contacted several bloggers to check my finding and verify that they are indeed accurate. I have also sent emails to major media and two United States Representatives. This will be a major news story and there is the possibility that this story will not be well received by the major news media. More updates throughout the day. Stay tuned to Passionate America for this breaking story.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Foleygate : Proof That Democratic Operatives Were After Mark Foley Since 2004

What Mark Foley did was wrong. Democrats are making the case that the cover-up is just as bad. Hey Democrats will you condemn those in your own party if you find out that they have been covering up the Mark Foley story? Gateway Pundit has proof of just that.

Matthew Loraditch Sends His Statement About Mark Foley

Matthew Loraditch
Matthew Loraditch has released his statement.

Thanks to Peach for finding this.

Check this post for more information on Matthew Loraditch.

Update: I have just spoke by email to Matthew Loraditch and he says that, "what was on the palmbeach post site was pretty much all of it."

Here are some of the things Matthew had to say:
"Firstly, as to the ABC "Warned" story, while I may have inadvertently used the word, "warned," in communication, I can assure you it was not intended. The fact of the matter is in an informal situation a supervisor mentioned that Foley was a bit odd or flaky and did not connote by tone or otherwise that he should be avoided.

"Secondly as to talking out in general, . . . I don't think anyone can argue that protecting kids, pages, or whomever from sexual predators is anything but the most important of this whole saga. Nothing comes in front of the safety of the page program, not the page program, a member of congress, no one.

"Thirdly, I have stressed several key points in my contact with media that all situations with Mr. Foley occurred after we had finished our service as pages. That if anything had happed while we were in Washington, it would have been dealt with. That I have full faith and trust that any of the supervisors and staff we worked with would have properly dealt with any situation like the current one. That the page program is one of the most wonderful and educational experiences a youth can have.

"Fourthly, although not all of you know people who have had these horrible conversation with Foley, I do. And frankly that gives me all the more reason to speak out. . . .

"Finally, if i have hurt or offended anyone, I am sorry. And I love my page friends and I cherish my relationships with the page program staff, however fracture some of this may have made them. I want you all to know that I truly believe that I'm doing the best that I can do."
Update #2: I want to thank Matthew for coming forward with this information. Matthew, I am sorry you have been brought into the middle of this horrible situation, I believe you have done the right thing and I hope the FBI speaks with you and investigates the information you have that might lead to the prosecution of Rep. Mark Foley.

Update #3: Big Dog sent this to me. Matthew had more to say to Scripps Howard News Service. Here is a quote:
"I've known about them (messages) for several years now," he said Saturday.

"It was more like, 'Hey, look at this,' " said Loraditch, 21, who served in the page program in the 2001-02 session. "I don't think the people in question felt that uncomfortable. It was more, 'Ooh, look at that creepy guy.'

"It was definitely crossing-the-line stuff. The instant message stuff, and stuff I've seen and heard about, definitely couldn't be misconstrued" as merely "friendly" or innocent, Loraditch said.

Income Tax Cuts Benefit ALL payers

This won't come as a surprise to fiscal conservatives such as myself but the fact that USA Today (hardly a card-carrying member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy) has an article on this SHOULD surprise you. On top of that, they're doing it within a month or so of the elections!! Don't they know that this kind of stuff can only harm the Demowhats who keep whining about "tax cuts for the rich" ?

It's true.

Not only does it show that people in higher brackets are paying a higher PERCENTAGE of taxes than before, but now people making $25,000 or less aren't even PAYING taxes now, thanks to President Bush's cuts back in 2001.

And it looks like corporations are paying "their fair share" too, as the U.S. Treasury set a new one-day tax receipt record of $85.8 Billion. The really interesting thing about the latter news is that it was NOWHERE to be found (via Google) on any of the MSM websites. Doesn't that strike anyone as odd ? Bush cuts taxes, taxes flow in like crazy and yet the only thing the MSM says is the usual Democrat talking points of "tax cuts for the rich".

But don't ever accuse them of being partisan though.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Foleygate : Mark Foley emails altered

***Updates at the bottom***

Who altered the Mark Foley emails?

The Congressman Mark Foley child sex scandal keeps getting stranger by the minute. I am starting to think it should be called Foleygate. Someone has altered the emails that Mark Foley is accused of sending to a congressional page. Look for yourself:

This is a picture of the email that was originally posted at Stop Sex Predators.

(I have marked the differences with red arrows. Click to enlarge)

Foleygate email

And here is a screen capture of the email from a pdf file from Citizens For Ethics website.

(I have marked the differences with red arrows. Click to enlarge)

Foleygate email

One of the emails could be an original but one set of the emails has been retyped to look very close to the other email. They are not complete matches. You can make a side by side comparison of all of the emails and they all have errors like this.

Update: Great minds think alike, has come to the same conclusion.

Update #2: Flopping Aces has come to a similar conclusion and 186k Per Second.

Update #3: Welcome Hot Air readers. I have contacted Allah about some more information that I have that I think needs to be released. Check this post for a hint of what I have and believe needs to be released.

Update #4: Welcome lgf readers. I can't believe I even have to say this, but it seems some people (Liberals) are suggesting that I am trying to defend Foley. That is ridiculous. I am just pointing out that there are some serious questions that need to be answered about this story.

Update #5: Looks like the scum at Democratic Underground have found me. Get ready for left wing insanity.

Update #6: The Dread Pundit Bluto has found more problems with the emails. Also at The Jawa Report.

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Foleygate email

Update #7:

Breaking News

Breaking News: I have what I believe is the identity of the person that Rep. Mark Foley instant messaged.

Wild Bill calls Matthew Loraditch about Mark Foley

Matthew Loraditch***Updates at the bottom***

I called Matthew Loraditch about an hour ago about the Mark Foley scandal

ABCNews has identified Matthew Loraditch as:
Matthew Loraditch, a page in the 2001-2002 class, told ABC News he and other pages were warned about Foley by a supervisor in the House Clerk's office.
Ms. Underestimated and I have been researching this story. I spoke with Matthew Loraditch on the phone and he said he was writing a statement about the incident and that he would email me when he had completed his statement.

I have been following the Rep. Mark Foley case and I have uncovered the screen name and first name of the page that Mark Foley supposedly instant messaged. I am still trying to contact this individual and I will hold his name for now. I will have more has the story unfolds. Something does not seem right about the Mark Foley story.

Update: Right Wing Nut House has more. Allah from Hot Air is all over this too.

Update #2: Matthew Loraditch the site administrator of has shut down his message board. Here is what Matthew had to say:

Because of the current situation. I am shutting down the board until I can provide a proper statement about my part in what has been going on. I appreciate your patience.
Earlier today The Blotter published a story about Matthew Loraditch's statements about the Mark Foley scandal. GOP Staff Warned Pages About Foley in 2001

Meanwhile from Drudge Report: Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) today sent the following letter to U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

Gateway Pundit has more: Foley Fallout: What We Know Now

Update #3: Could this be Foleygate? Someone has altered the emails.

Update #4: 4:28pm CT I just tried to call Matthew Loraditch again, but he did not answer his phone. I have no idea if he will send me the statement he says he is preparing.

Update #5: Matthew Loraditch has released his statement. Thanks to Peach for finding this.

Update #6: New post on Matthew Loraditch